Leaked photos reveal a major plot line from the next season of The Crown

Guys, we've got a Baby Prince William on our hands. This is not a drill.
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If you’re anything like us, you’ll have spent the latter part of November indulging in a good old-fashioned binge fest watching the third season of The Crown after it ~finally~ dropped on Netflix.

Yep, we can genuinely describe the new season, which featured a brilliant new cast, as nothing short of heavenly.

Which is exactly why we’re now pondering (read: frantically searching) for any new clues about the next season.

We binge-watched the new season of The Crown STAT, so naturally, any insights on the new season are wholeheartedly welcomed.


We’re certainly not alone. In fact, some people have been dedicated enough to sneakily capture some snaps of the new cast filming season four.

And lucky for us, one image in particular has revealed a big plot line that’s set to air in the new season – and it’s all about a very important royal baby.

Season four of The Crown is about to go deep into Prince Charles’ history.


Yep, in the most exciting thing we’ve heard since, well, a real royal baby was born, we can confirm that a newborn Prince William is set to appear in the fourth season of the coveted Netflix show.

In leaked pictures, a baby (presumably playing a young Prince William) is seen being carried by a nanny, while actress Emma Corrin, who landed the role of Princess Diana, looks on.

The images which were obtained by Harper’s BAZAAR US (and can be viewed here), are a sight to behold.

Now the only thing we can think about is when the new season is going to air.

We can’t wait to see how this royal tour plays out on The Crown.


Season three of the show covered a lot of ground for Wills’ dad Charles, depicting him during the mid-1970s as he battled with the pressures of being a future King, as well as the origins of his relationship with Camilla Shand, who would later became the Duchess of Cornwall.

What we didn’t get to see was the beginning of his later relationship with Princess Diana.

Going by these new images, season four is set to delve right into it.

And even more exciting for us Down Under, said leaked pics appear to depict a recreation of Charles and Diana’s 1983 tour of Australia.

Wills joined his royal parents on the 80s royal tour in real life – and suffice to say this plot line is going to be very interesting to watch.

Aussies are in for a real treat next season.


The Crown has gloriously managed to provide royal fans an insight into the British family in a way that’s never been done before.

And while it’s important to take some of the more, er, dramatic story lines in the show with a grain of salt, there’s plenty of historical evidence that backs up the general narrative.

The latest season is case in point – one particular episode depicting the Aberfan disaster struck a chord with viewers.

In episode three, the show provides an insight into the tragedy, which involved a catastrophic collapse of a colliery soil into a village in Wales, killing 144 people, many of those being children.

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One particular episode of The Crown season three struck a chord with fans.


The emotional episode shows the Queen’s struggle to come to terms with the scale of the disaster, eventually seeing her visit Aberfan in person and experiencing deep anguish.

Not least for Colman’s performance, and that incredible tear scene, the episode is a standout from the new season.

In real life, the disaster has been described by Queen Elizabeth II as one of her biggest regrets, and clearly had a deep impact on her.

The Queen was deeply impacted by the magnitude of the Aberfan disaster.


There’s no denying The Crown has a brilliant way of depicting real life events for the small screen.

So with that being said, we’ll just be over here ogling any and every new picture from the set as they appear… stay tuned.

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