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The heartbreaking moment in the latest season of The Crown that's left fans reeling

One emotionally-charged episode has stopped people in their tracks.

By Jess Pullar
When season three of The Crown was released on November 17, it would be safe to say a lot of people sat firmly on their couches, popcorn in hand and indulged in a good old-fashioned binge-watch.
And while the new season is filled with brilliant, light and even at times humorous moments, there's no denying the cooler and confronting undertone to the show's plot lines.
In fact, there's one episode in particular that's really hit home for people, and it's not least for the incredible way it was portrayed.
In episode three, we're given a much deeper insight into the Aberfan disaster, a catastrophic collapse of a colliery soil into a village in Wales, which killed 144 people killed (116 of them children).
The tragic incident was depicted in the Netflix show like never before, with an incredible line up of actors portraying the desperate heartbreak and pain it caused in real life at the time.
But none more so portray the deep anguish caused by the disaster than Olivia Colman, who plays a torn Queen Elizabeth, struggling to come to terms with the magnitude of the event.
Olivia Colman showcases her undeniable talent in the Crown. (Netflix)
And there's one scene in the episode that really pulls on the heartstrings.
As pointed out by Vulture, one incredible shot shows the Queen shedding a single tear.
We see the tear well up in an extreme close-up, before it falls down her cheek.
The shot is nothing short of stunning, and doesn't fail to pull deeply at the viewers heartstrings.
The emotional scene was nothing short of brilliant. (Netflix)
And incredibly, it turns out that in order for Colman to pull off such an incredible, and convincing display, she did it entirely on her own.
Yep, speaking to Vulture, makeup and hair designer Cate Hall explained that Olivia "just has a think about something," and boom - art is born.
"I mean, the talent is outrageous," she added.
We can't argue with that...
Olivia Colman is utterly regal. (Netflix)
Speaking to the incredible British actress's makeup artist, Sue David, she revealed that Colman can even time her tears.
"She's just brilliant. She literally just … I don't know how she did it."
The Netflix series has received widespread acclaim for its depiction of the royal family.
And while admittedly, a lot of the drama that unfolds in the program is somewhat exaggerated, there's no denying we've never before had such an incredible insight into what life could really be like as a British royal.
This season see's the beginning of Prince Charles' relationship with Camilla Shand, who later became the Duchess of Cornwall.
The storyline has been highly anticipated, particularly as Princess Diana's story will later be depicted in the show.
Suffice to say we'll just be re-watching the entire series now as we await season four!

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