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Was he more than a friend? Inside the elusive relationship between Queen Elizabeth and Lord 'Porchie' Porchester

The Queen and Lord Porchester shared a close relationship over the years.

By Jess Pullar
The Queen has met thousands upon thousands of people in her time - but there's one person that's captured the attention of royal watchers the world over - Lord 'Porchie' Porchester.
Indeed, if you didn't know already, popular TV series The Crown has certainly got us wondering about the character portrayed as Elizabeth's kind-hearted and fellow horse-loving friend.
As the third season is released, our intrigue on the racing manager has only increased, particularly in light of one episode in particular where Prince Philip's jealousy over his and Elizabeth's relationship is made clear.
So, who was the man known as 'Porchie', and did he and the Queen really ever share anything more than a fond friendship? Keep scrolling as we take an inside look at their relationship.

Who is Lord Porchester, AKA 'Porchie'?

Born Henry George Reginald Molyneux Herbert, Porchie's background was seemingly always meant for regal ties.
His grandfather was also named George, and was famed for having discovered the tomb of Eygptian pharaoh Tutankhamun - fun fact!
He grew up in London following his parents divorce, living with his mother and attending elite secondary school Eton - an all-boys establishment attended by several British royals including Prince William and Prince Harry.
For Porchie, horses were always a keen interest, and this built the foundation of his and Queen Elizabeth's friendship.
The horse enthusiast married Jean Margaret Wallop in 1956 - three years after the Queen's coronation. He had three children with Jean.
In 1969, Porchie became the Queen's horse racing manager. According to Radio Times, he was one of a handful of people who could contact the Queen directly.
The Queen and Lord 'Porchie' Porchester shared a close relationship. (Getty)

Did the Queen have a romantic relationship with Porchie?

A scene from season three of The Crown has led many to wonder whether there was anything more than friendship between the Queen and Porchie.
Albeit subtle, a scene featuring Prince Philip grilling the Queen about spending time with Porchie suggests that the Duke felt jealous.
Bear in mind that while The Crown is based on real events, it has been known to embellish things in the past.
And that's exactly why one of the Queen's former press secretaries, Dickie Arbiter has come forward to share his stagnant opinion.
The Times reported Arbiter's side: "The Queen is the last person in the world to have ever considered looking at another man. Not only is this muckraking – this is gossip that's been washing around for decades. It's got absolutely no substance."
We'll certainly take his word for it - Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip have always been the real deal!
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Where is Porchie now?

Sadly, Porchie passed away aged 77 in 2001.
His death would have come as a huge loss to the Queen, who is understood to have held a strong friendship with him to the end.
Porchie's son-in-law John Warren became The Queen's racing manager following his death.

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