The explosive first trailer for The Crown season 3 just dropped, but there's a glaring mistake fans can't get past

Error aside, we're still very excited.

By Jess Pullar
If you're anything like us, you'll have blocked out November 17 in your calendar long ago, and that's for two reasons - firstly, there are sausage rolls, bacon butties and a heap of cuppas to make, and secondly, the aforementioned grub needs to be consumed whilst watching The Crown's highly anticipated new season premiere.
Indeed the hit Netflix show's third season is edging closer and closer, and there's no denying our excitement is mounting by the day.
And just to make us even more excited, the very first full length trailer has just dropped on YouTube, and boy is it a goodie.
In the new trailer, which you can view in the player at the top, we see the brand new cast nail their roles to a T, with standouts being both Queen Elizabeth herself, played by the lovable Olivia Colman, and Prince Charles, who is played by Josh O'Connor.
In fact, so good are these portrayals that we almost yelped with glee when we saw our first sneak peek of one of the season's biggest, and most highly anticipated story lines - the Charles and Camilla love story.
In the clip, Prince Charles is warned off turning his back on true love, as scenes of Camilla, played by Emerald Fennell are intertwined.
Prince Charles is seen looking stricken at one point, which basically guarantees that this season is going to be every bit as explosive as we'd expect.
Prince Charles is seen looking upset in the new trailer. (Netflix)
The trailer also hints at a darker side to the royal family's story, as the Queen is seen struggling with her role as Monarch over a country that seems to be "falling apart".
In light of this, we're no doubt set to see the relationships between Her Majesty and sister Princess Margaret (played by Helena Bonham Carter) and the Queen's husband Prince Philip (played by Tobias Menzies) as she tackles the issues Britain faces.
The new trailer reveals just how good this new cast is going to be. (Netflix)
While the trailer itself was undoubtedly glorious, there was one teeny error we, and many others couldn't help but notice.
Indeed in the opening sequence, the Queen is seen celebrating her Silver Jubliee, with a radio presenter heard saying: "This is Jubilee day. This is a day as gruelling as the Queen's coronation 25 years ago."
However, historically, the Queen's coronation actually occurred on June 2, 1953, which was in fact 24 years before Her Majesty's Silver Jubilee - the glitch in the trailer was pointed out by Hello!.
The Queen's daughter Princess Anne, played by Call the Midwife's Erin Doherty is also seen in the new trailer. (Netflix)
The brand new season is guaranteed to make waves among royal fans, who have waited almost two years for the brand new season to drop.
In that time, we've had two royal weddings, two royal babies and countless royal tours in real life... so you can probably see exactly why this has felt particularly long.
No matter though, it looks like we're in for a treat come November.
Prepare the bunting...
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