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Did you see it? Newly released image from The Crown reveals one of the Queen's favourite things

It wouldn't be a true portrayal of Her Majesty without these trusty sidekicks.

By Jess Pullar
While you might hear of some people in distress at how quickly the year is flying by, there are some who couldn't see the latter part of 2019 come quickly enough.
And yes, they are most definitely big fans of Netlflix's The Crown.
Indeed in a reveal that's sent us running to restock our English Breakfast tea supplies (albeit by accident by a key cast member), season three of The Crown will drop on Netflix in November.
And as the news spreads, so does another golden snippet from the highly anticipated release - a brand new still including a very special detail.
In an exciting new glimpse from the season three, the show's production and streaming company Netflix have released a brand new image featuring Olivia Colman as the Queen.
And while Olivia's curler-perfected brunette tresses and primped pink ensemble are enough to have us fizzing with excitement at the new portrayal of Her Majesty, there's another detail in the picture that we can't take our eyes off - those corgis!
We challenge you to find a picture more quintessentially royal than this. (Netflix)
The sweet floral-adorned sofa on which the show's Queen and her corgis are seen sitting on is also one that we can absolutely imagine sitting in the real Buckingham Palace.
With this brand new image out there to feast our eyes upon, it would be safe to say we're now really excited for the new season.
Olivia Colman's portrayal of the Queen is already looking like it'll be a knockout. (Netflix)
While an official release date is yet to be announced by Netflix, actor Tobias Menzies, who has replaced Matt Smith in playing Prince Philip, let slip the November release detail that we'd all been waiting to hear.
In an interview with the BBC, he said: "We shot season three and that starts in November."
So basically, that means we'll be blocking out the entire month on our schedules, because there's episodes to be devoured alongside ample scones and jam.
Tobias Menzies dropped a very important piece of information about The Crown (Netflix)
The new season is set to be a dramatic one, with reports it will delve into the Charles, Camilla and Diana story line, which is talked about enough in its own right.
Actor Josh O'Connor will play an adult Prince Charles in the series, while up-and-comer Emma Corrin is set to play Princess Diana.
Actress Emma Corrin is set to play Diana in the new series. (Getty)
Princess Margaret, who was played by British actress Vanessa Kirby in seasons one and two, is also getting a revamped new portrayal by film industry stalwart and legend Helena Bonham Carter.
Suffice to say we cannot wait for November. If the year would like to continue moving at what feels like the speed of light until November, that's fine by us.
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