The brand new cast of The Crown season 3 is dripping in perfection - here's everything you need to know

As if you needed more of a reason to binge watch this glorious show.

By Jess Pullar
The British royals are glamorous enough as it is, but the star-studded cast set to portray them in season 3 of The Crown are stepping things up a notch.
Indeed if you haven't yet been privy to the spectacle that is The Crown, we recommend you start watching right away, because the brand new series of the glorious Netflix show is set to be better than ever - and a lot of that is to do with its ogle-worthy actors portraying key members of the royal family.
There's a very good reason as to why we're particularly excited for this new season - and that's because the last time we were graced with brand new episodes of the show, it was the year 2017.
Yep, that's an almost two year wait for the new season (were they taking a leaf out of J.K. Rowling's book or...?).
In their defence, it's actually a pretty smart move - what better way to get us excited for a new season than to drip feed us little clues and hints over an extended period of time? They do say absence makes the heart grow fonder...
Well, suffice to say they've nailed that brief, because as the brand new cast was slowly announced, we got more and more excited for the grand premiere date of November 17.
A new season of The Crown is upon us, and with it comes a shiny new cast. (Netflix)
But before we rush off to binge watch the entire series in one go, we thought it important to provide all the details on the new cast in one spot.
You know that niggly feeling when you're watching something and you can't quite place where you've seen that actor before? Well by scrolling on, you won't have to.
Behold the talented, glamorous and downright regal cast of The Crown!
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