Royal doppelgängers: See The Crown's new cast next to their real life royal counterparts

Their casting team deserves a medal.

By Jess Pullar
If you haven't already blocked out November 17 in your diaries, we recommend you do so immediately.
The reason, you ask? Oh, only because the brand new season of The Crown will premiere on Netflix - and you can be sure that the brand new set of cast members will be enough of a spectacle to watch in their own right.
If you loved season one and two of the hit Netflix show, then you're guaranteed to be in for a treat by the time the third and fourth seasons roll around.
And while it's been almost two years since we experienced the joy of having brand new Crown drama to binge-watch on the streaming platform, you can bet we'll be polishing up on every episode released to date between now and November.
Oh, and there's just one other small thrill we'll indulge in as we prepare for a brand new set of episodes - the brand new cast.
Indeed as season two ended in 1963, our beloved cast from the first two seasons are now a little young to depict our favourite royals and the key events that happened to them over the next two decades.
Indeed the next two seasons will likely pick up at some point in the mid to late sixties, moving into key events that occurred in 1970.
The new season of The Crown features an entire new casting line-up. (Netflix)
Going by the casting, we gather some of those events will be very interesting to see - actresses for both Camilla Shand (who later became the Duchess of Cornwall) and Princess Diana have been named in the line-up, which means the controversial love life of Prince Charles is set to be included.
Take note that season's three and four have been filmed back-to-back, so there is a chance we mightn't see the full story until season four.
That being said, there's nothing to stop us imagining the spectacle that awaits us come November. So, without further ado, we've taken a good gander at the brand new cast list for our next two seasons of the hit show.
Keep scrolling for some serious royal doppelgängers - the casting team have knocked it out of the park.
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