Netflix finally confirms The Crown season three release date... and it's SOON

Mark your calendars as 'busy', folks...

By Jess Pullar
If you feel like December 2017 happened about a decade ago, we certainly won't argue with you.
And that's solely because that month marked the last time we had any new episodes of The Crown to consume, and boy have we felt deprived since binge-watching the entirety of season two before we'd even put up our Christmas tree.
That's why Netflix's latest announcement has us literally jumping for joy, because while it will almost be two years since that glorious 2017 highlight, we're finally about to get some new royal drama in our lives.
In an official statement from the production and streaming platform, Netflix has announced: "The official arrival date of the third series of The Crown is as follows: 17th November 2019."
Yep, November 17, folks - so block out your calendars and get your high-tea menus prepped because that day is definitely going to be a 2019 highlight.
Olivia Colman (as Her Majesty herself) is waiting... (Netflix)
The news has been met with glee from fans of the hit show, especially because season three is set to look quite different from previous seasons.
Taking heed from its first and second series, the new season will continue following the tumbles and triumphs of Queen Elizabeth and her regal fellows over the years.
With season two ending in 1963, it's likely that we'll pick up somewhere around this date. And naturally, the season will cover royal events that occurred as our beloved characters grow older.
Hence the rather dramatic change in casting.
Indeed while we absolutely adored Claire Foy's portrayal of Her Maj in seasons one and two, we're very excited to see renowned British actress Olivia Colman to play an older Queen Liz in season three.
And the same goes for Matt Smith, who portrayed the at-times controversial character of Prince Philip in the first two seasons. He has been replaced by Tobias Menzies.
Tobias Menzies (pictured left) will replace Matt Smith in portraying Prince Philip in the new season. (Netflix)
It is understood the third (and potentially the fourth season) will also focus on some of the more well-known moments from Prince Charles' life, including the Princess Diana and Camilla Parker Bowles love triangle.
In an interview with the Sunday Times last year, producer Suzanne Mackie revealed that we'll start to meet Camilla in season three, which means it'll likely include happenings from the year 1971, which is when the pair reportedly met at a party.
WATCH: Olivia Colman stars in the first teaser for 'The Crown' season three. Story continues after video...
Playing Prince Charles will be 29-year-old British actor Josh O'Connor, while Camilla will be played by Emerald Fennell of Call The Midwife.
Josh O'Connor will play Prince Charles in the new season of The Crown. (Getty)
While Emerald Fennell will play Charles' love interest Camilla. (Getty)
As for Princess Diana, it was recently revealed up-and-comer Emma Corrin will portray the People's Princess on-screen.
And in true Crown style, we have to say, the casting agents on the show have absolutely nailed it once again.
Emma Corrin will play Princess Diana in the new season. (Getty)
It is understood season three and four of The Crown was shot back-to-back, so here's hoping we won't have to wait long until season four is released.
That being said, any wait shorter than almost two years is definitely positive, so we're pretty sure we've got plenty of solid Crown hours to joyfully put away in the foreseeable future.

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