EXCLUSIVE: “It was daunting”: Jessica De Gouw talks joining The Crown and new drama The Secrets She Keeps

The Aussie actress stars in your new favourite show.

By Maddison Hockey
Aussie actress Jessica De Gouw is fast becoming on of the country's most talented acting exports.
If you haven't yet heard of the talented actress, it's highly likely you will as our new TV show obsession, The Secrets She Keeps launches on Channel 10.
Appearing in Kath & Kimderella as well as hit TV series Dracula, Arrow, Riot and The Hunting, Jessica has had the "privilege" of working between Australia, the United States and London.
No easy feat for any actor, we might add.
Jessica as Lucy in The Crown. Image: Netflix
Never did she imagine she'd find herself portraying Lucy Lindsay–Hogg in one of the world's biggest shows, The Crown.
"I'm a girl from the [Perth] Hills so acting was never really in my world or seem like something in my grasp," Jessica tells TV WEEK.
"Then in high school I started doing theatre and then did a performance major at university."
WATCH: The Crown season 3 teaser. Story continues below.
Taking on the role of Lord Snowden's mistress and eventual second wife after divorcing Princess Margaret, Jessica admits, was "intimidating."
"It was a little daunting, a little intimidating."
When you step back and look at the scale of it, it is intimidation but I was working mostly with Ben Daniels [who played Lord Snowdon], it was very contained and felt quite intimate."
Jessica adds that working with Kiwi director, Jessica Hobbs also made her feel at home on set.
"She created such a lovely environment that you wouldn't know that it was one of the biggest shows in the world."
The actress stars as Meghan in 10's new drama. Image: Network 10
Now, Jessica is starring in 10's newest drama, The Secret She Keeps and we guarantee you'll be hooked after the first episode.
The psychological thriller, based on the novel of the same name by Michael Robotham, tells the story of two pregnant women, Meghan and Agatha, from vastly different backgrounds that "coincidentally" cross paths.
Both women are hiding explosive secrets that threaten to not only collide but also destroy their lives.
Like we said, juicy!
Meghan and Agatha are hiding dark secrets. Image: Network 10
Jessica, who plays Meghan, was immediately drawn to the script and creative team involved.
"I knew they were making really amazing TV.
"Then, I read the script and it was great, really female centric, female led, female directed as well, so it was a no brainer for me."
The 32-year-old picked up the novel after landing the role, and promises fans of the book and newcomers alike won't be disappointed.
"It's interesting reading a book after you've been given a role. When you're reading a book you always have an image of the characters in your mind," she says.
"I came across the book after, it is wonderful and I think 10 and Lingo Pictures stay true to the book. I'm really proud of it."

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