Monaco’s royal twins go rogue by wearing slick sunglasses for a rare public appearance

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There are some things we just never see the royals do enough.

Things like taking selfies, acting affectionate towards each other, or even (and prepare yourself for this one…) closing their own car doors – the audacity!

As a royal family member, there’s a plethora of seemingly normal activities that can literally send fans and followers into meltdown.

And there’s two regal tots in particular who’ve managed just that after they stepped out wearing an accessory we weren’t expecting.

On Monday, January 27, Princess Charlene and Prince Albert II of Monaco stepped out for a coveted balcony appearance during the European city’s Sainte Devote Ceremony.

And while Charlene never fails to draw every eyeball in the house with her trademark air of je ne sais quoi, it was her two young children who gave her a serious run for her money.

It must have been a particularly bright day, because both five-year-old twins Princess Gabriella and Prince Jacques were wearing slick pairs of sunglasses – and they looked pretty darn cool, we must say.

The Monaco royal family drew eyeballs a-plenty during a rare balcony appearance, but this time, it was the twins’ unexpected accessory that got people talking.


As usual, the five-year-old tots put on an animated display.


The two young royals are known for their cheeky behaviour, especially when it comes to balcony appearances.

In November 2019, the regal clan stepped out for the country’s national day, and suffice to say they stole the entire show – despite the fact the entire extended royal family were also all there!

Charlene and Albert’s young tots know how to put on a show.


Of course, wearing sunglasses isn’t exactly ground breaking, but it is rather rare to see royal family members wear the sun smart accessory for a public appearance.

And to boot, the rare appearance also serves as a reminder of how quickly the children are growing up.

In December, the twins celebrated their fifth birthday with a Palace bash.

The royal tots celebrated being another year older in style, inviting their classmates from Montessori to partake in face painting and games while they explored the transformed Smurf-themed wonderland within the Palace’s walls.

We’re just wondering where our invite got lost in the mail…

The Monaco royal twins recently celebrated their fifth birthday in style.

(Facebook / Prince’s Palace of Monaco)

For Christmas, the Monaco royals also shared a sweet festive snap of the twins sitting in front of their lavish Christmas tree.

Young Princess Gabriella is seen wearing a beautiful ruffled red dress, while Prince Jacques wore a striped knit with red accessories.

There’s no denying how ridiculously cute these two are.

The royal twins posed for the family’s annual Christmas card photo in December.


As the pair continue to grow up at what feels like an Olympic sprinters pace, we’ll no doubt have plenty of candid moments to look forward to from the two tricksters.

Stay tuned, their future is already so bright they need sunnies, it seems…

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