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Monaco's royal twins steal the show as they celebrate their fifth birthday with a Palace bash

Wish we were invited.

By Jess Pullar
Monaco' royal twins, Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella, are growing up far too quickly for our liking.
It feels like we first clapped eyes on the adorable duo just yesterday, but already, they're celebrating their fifth birthday.
And boy have they gone all out for it - their parents, Princess Charlene and Prince Albert have ensured it was an unforgettable occasion by hosting a big bash at the Palace.
Going by the looks of things, we would not have said no to an invite...
The five-year-olds' birthday bash was one to remember! (Facebook / Prince's Palace of Monaco)
On Wednesday, December 11, PEOPLE reports the twins asked their classmates from Montessori to rock on up to the Palace for a party.
A video from the day was shared to Facebook, where the adorable twins were seen having a grand old time in the Palace with their young pals.
There was also a clear theme to the party - Smurfs.
But before you ask if anyone was painted blue (which they surprisingly weren't!) the incredible decorations would certainly have made the experience an absolute hum-dinger for the children there.
We're technically adults, but going by these pics we'd be totally on board with this!
Just a casual five-year-old birthday 'do here. (Facebook / Prince's Palace of Monaco)
The young royals looked like they had a rip roarer of a time. (Facebook / Prince's Palace of Monaco)
The party also consisted of a number of fun activities, including face painting and craft stations.
The twins have already been front and centre of the global spotlight after they practically stole the show at Monaco's National Day in November.
Indeed as the whole royal family stepped out on the palace balcony in Monte Carlo to celebrate the day, it was the two young twins who really got our attention.
Their adorable displays of excitement and joy at seeing what was happening below was enough to keep us entertained for hours!
The royal twins stole the show on Monaco's National Day in November. (Getty)
Last year, the twins celebrated their fourth birthday at the Palace as well.
And like this year's epic bash, they again had a theme - Marvel Heroes.
It seems royal parents Charlene and Albert very much enjoy throwing these lavish celebrations - according to PEOPLE, the party is an informal prelude to the Palace's holiday season.
We'll just be booking our ticket to Monaco now...

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