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Princess Charlene of Monaco makes her most stylish statement yet as her children are pictured all grown up

These royals know how to put on a show.

By Jess Pullar
We're well accustomed to seeing the British royals don their Sunday best for formal events, particularly those involving a balcony.
But what we're not so accustomed to seeing is the royals wearing all-white outfits, which is exactly what the ever stylish Princess Charlene of Monaco has just done - and boy are our eyeballs glad for it.
For her country's National Day on November 19, the blonde royal looked utterly stunning in a white coat and pants, paired with a cream turtleneck sweater and a matching brimmed hat.
The completely stylish outfit was worthy of a runway, and Charlene pulled it off seamlessly.
Princess Charlene was dripping with glamour for her country's National Day. (Getty)
We're coveting the addition of a chic white hat. (Getty)
The choice in colour was a brave one from Charlene for a reason many parents can probably relate to - because of course her adorable young children came along for the day's celebrations, which were held in Monte Carlo.
Each year, the royals gather on the Palace balcony there, where they watch a colourful parade and take in the pomp and excitable atmosphere.
The balcony in question was particularly packed this year, and along with Charlene's chic white ensemble, it was her children that also stole the show.
Charlene and Prince Albert's young children stole the show! (Getty)
Now both four years old, Charlene and Prince Albert II's young twins Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella were seen excitedly waving and laughing together as they leaned over the balcony barrier.
Wearing traditional national garb, the two children couldn't have been any cuter - much like Prince Louis' adorable waving display at this year's Trooping the Colour!
The young royals were naturals as they took to the balcony. (Getty)
Other royals in attendance on the day included Beatrice Casiraghi and her young son Francesco, who were absolutely adorable in shades of green.
Beatrice Casiraghi and son Francesco were spotted alongside the other royals out and about on the National Day. (Getty)
Also looking completely chic was Andrea Casiraghi's wife Tatiana, who also opted for a chic white coat, matching it with a grey felt hat.
There's no denying it - this is one very glamorous family.
Tatiana Casiraghi also oozed effortless chic at the day's big event. (Getty)
Speaking to PEOPLE, Prince Albert II admitted that the family was getting rather large these days.
"We're running out of space for everyone," he said, before jokingly adding: "We're going to have to create new windows, build new balconies."
He added that a lot of the senior Palace officers who usually stand near the royals for the spectacle had to be moved at the foot of the Palace entrance.
The family has seen a lot of growth in the past year, with two notable royal weddings occurring within their fold.
"I don't think I can face up to another christening or wedding right now," the Prince comically quipped.
"Actually, it's great feeling to have that many new members of the family and everybody seems to get along well."

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