Meghan Markle’s list of celebrity friends is absolutely epic, so how can we get in on this group chat?!

Is this her contacts book or the invite list for The Oscars?
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Years before she met Prince Harry and was catapulted into royal stardom, Meghan Markle was a mover and shaker in celebrity circles herself.

The former Suits actress has forged strong connections with many A-list stars of the years, both before, during and after her time as an official senior member of the royal family.

Meghan’s contacts list could also read as the guest list to any fabulous Hollywood party – or The Oscars for that matter!

But since marrying Prince Harry, the couple have also forged some new strong friendships with several incredible names.

Keep on scrolling to meet the high profile celebrities who are friends with Meghan Markle.



Meghan and Beyonce first met on the red carpet at the Lion King premiere in London last year, alongside their husbands Prince Harry and Jay-Z.

Beyonce shared her love for the Duchess, saying “The baby, so beautiful. We love you guys,” referring to baby Archie. Beyonce later posted a photo of herself and Meghan talking on the red carpet, so they’re practically besties!

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The tennis champion is one of Meghan’s oldest celebrity friends. The pair met at a Super Bowl party in 2010 and immediately hit it off.

Since then, Meghan has frequently been spotted sitting courtside at Serena’s tennis matches, regularly flying across the world to support her friend. Serena was also a guest at Meghan’s wedding to Prince Harry in 2018, alongside her husband Alexis Ohanian.

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The Hello hitmaker struck up a friendship with Meghan and Harry after the royal couple moved into a rental home near her own in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles. She’s even reportedly “swapped notes” with the pair on the area.

“Adele loves the neighbourhood. She’s also recommended her four-year-old son Angelo’s pre-school and discreet places to take Archie where they won’t be bombarded by fans,” a source told The Mirror.

“Meghan and Harry want to see how they get on in the area first before they commit to buying somewhere.”

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Ever since Harry and Meghan moved to LA, the couple have forged a strong friendship with American musician and record company executive David Foster, 70, and his younger wife, 36-year-old actress and singer Katharine McPhee.

In a recent interview, Katharine revealed her husband has become like a father to Harry since he moved to Hollywood.

“My husband has a really, really beautiful relationship with Harry,” the American Idol and Smash star told Access Hollywood.

“They’re so cute, they’re like father and son,” Katharine revealed.

Image: Instagram


Katharine and Meghan actually went to the same high school in LA, as this throwback photo from the time reveals.

“We just stay in touch with them,” Katharine said of her and David’s relationship with the Sussexes.

“Meghan and I knew each other from childhood, but really, Harry and my husband are friends, and it’s really nice.”

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Katharine McPhee talks about her husband David Foster’s relationship with Prince Harry

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The Canadian stylist and wife of former Canadian Prime Minister’s son, Ben Mulroney, has been friends with Meghan since her Suits days. She styled Meghan during her time in Toronto and the pair hit it off, immediately becoming close.

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Jessica also served as an unofficial maid of honour at Meghan’s wedding to Prince Harry and has frequently defended her friend on social media against critical attacks.

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Back when Harry and Meghan lived in the UK, they struck up a friendship with the Clooney family, who are also based in London, and regularly caught up for dinner.

“We live not too far from one another and we have dinners and stuff and we’re friends with them for all the reasons that you’re friends with anybody,” George Clooney explained of his friendship with Meghan and Harry.

Speaking just before Meghan gave birth to Archie, George added: “They’re just really nice, fun, kind people, they’re a very loving couple, and they’re going to be great parents.”

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The stunning actress met Meghan several years ago at a media event and the pair immediately hit it off.

“She’s just a really real girl,” Priyanka told PEOPLE in 2018.

“She’s a girl’s girl. She’s a really relatable young woman who is concerned about the world just like you and I are. That’s what I love the most about her. I feel like her authenticity is what’s going to make her really stand out in this new life she’s going to take on.”

In an old interview from 2016, Meghan described exactly how the pair met.

“She has become a really good friend. Elle magazine in the U.S. hosted a dinner celebrating Women in TV, and we met that night—turns out she really likes Suits.

“You know when you meet someone and you just click? It was just an easy, natural progression. We’ve managed to keep in touch via email and text, and try to see each other whenever we’re both in the same town.”

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Abigail, who is also pictured above with Priyanka, starred alongside Meghan in Suits.

She has been by the Duchess’s side ever since, attending her royal wedding, her baby shower in New York (pictured) and even visited Meghan, Harry and Archie when they moved briefly to Canada in 2019.

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The hit singer and his husband David Furnish are so close to Meghan and Harry that he even leant the couple his private jet last year, to visit his property in the South of France.

Of course, that all ended rather badly for Haz and Megs. But still, it’s nice to have Elton John offer you his jet!

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J.LO and A-ROD

Meghan and Harry had dinner with the Hollywood A-list couple in Miami earlier this year, while in town to speak at a dinner hosted by US banking giant JP Morgan.

According to Page Six witness, the two couples “got on really well with Jennifer and Alex, and spent some time chatting with them over dinner.”

“J-Lo was overheard inviting the couple and their baby Archie to her and Alex’s house in Miami to spend time with them and their kids.”

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Last year, the US talk show host and animal lover took to Twitter to defend the royal couple over their use of Elton John’s private plane. Many criticised the royals for using a means of travel that is bad for the environment, despite the couple’s work with environmental, conservation and climate change organisations.

“Portia and I met Prince Harry and Meghan to talk about their work on wildlife conservation,” she wrote.

“They were the the most down-to-earth, compassionate people. Imagine being attacked for everything you do, when all you’re trying to do is make the world better.”

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The British socialite and consultant for the exclusive members-only club Soho House was reportedly the one who introduced Harry and Meghan all those years ago.

In a post on her now deleted personal Instagram account, Meghan sang Markus’ praises. “What would I do without you, my loving, supportive, and endlessly fun friend?? I know what….I would be bored, and life would be infinitely less interesting. I love you SO much. Happiest of days for you now and always. Love you xx”

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Markus was by Meghan’s side during one of her first public outings supporting Prince Harry, at the Invictus Games in 2017.

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Royal fans were shocked when they saw Oprah herself turn up to Meghan and Harry’s royal wedding in 2018. But yes, she’s mates with the Sussexes!

She has even publicly backed the couple’s decision to step back as senior members of the royal family, revealing she “1000 per cent” supports the move.

“Who doesn’t feel what it takes to make that decision, to give up everything you’ve known in your whole life to say ‘I’m going to choose this new life and what I believe to be the truest vision for myself.’ Who are any of us to stand in judgment of that? That’s what I think about that,” she said.

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The Beckhams have long been family friends with several members of the British royal family, including Meghan and Harry. They attending both their wedding in 2018, as well as Kate Middleton and Prince William’s nuptials in 2011.

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The celebrity makeup artist is a long time friend of Meghan’s – he even did her makeup on her wedding day! He often posts about the Duchess on Instagram and was photographed in New York City heading out of her baby shower.

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The acclaimed British actor first connected with Harry years ago, before he met Meghan, through The Prince’s Trust, which Elba became the Anti-Crime Ambassador of in 2009.

He actually credits his own acting success to Prince Charles’ charity, which gave him a small grant in the early ’90s so he could attend National Youth Music Theatre. The rest, as they say, is history.

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The fashion designer has long been close with Meghan. The pair even worked together last year on Meghan’s capsule collection of clothing in collaboration with charity Smart Works, designed to help provide disadvantaged women with corporate-appropriate clothing so they can enter the workforce.

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While it’s rumoured that Prince Harry and the British pop singer actually dated back in the day, it’s clear they have remained close friends ever since and their breakup is water under the bridge!

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Ellie and Harry sharing a hug.

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