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Duchess Meghan's close friend breaks silence following shock documentary: “We didn’t know what to do"

Meghan's close friend Daniel Martin has opened up about the royal's distressing time in the spotlight.

By Jess Pullar
When Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry's emotional ITV documentary was aired in October, it would be safe to say the world was shocked to learn just how deeply the royals were struggling behind the scenes.
But there were some people who did know the harrowing toll that the relentless media criticism and wild rumours were having on the pair, and one of them has just spoken out publicly.
In a new interview with CBS This Morning, Meghan's long-time pal and makeup artist Daniel Martin got frank about the story that has taken the world by storm this month.
He explained that he, and others close to the royal couple had seen the extent of the toll the tabloid scrutiny had taken, and that it was a "relief" to finally see the documentary, Harry & Meghan: An African Journey, which laid bare their struggles.
"It's been tough," Daniel told the program.
"Watching this documentary, it's been almost a relief seeing her at a point where she can be honest about what's been happening."
Meghan laid her struggles bare for the world to see in the emotional new documentary. (Getty)
Daniel explained that while he and others knew how much the couple were struggling behind the scenes, he felt helpless.
"All of us who have known, we just didn't know what to do or how to help," he explained, adding: "But I feel like just putting this out there, it's hopefully demystified a lot about what's been going on over there."
The talented make-up artist also added that while Meghan has "a lot on her plate", she "just wanted to make sure that her boys are safe".
"I know her and she's going to totally take care of this - it's just about understanding the ways around it," he added.
Meghan's friend Daniel Martin is confident Meghan will take care of the situation. (Getty)
Daniel's interview comes after the explosive documentary aired across the world, which sent many reeling upon discovering just how deeply both Harry and Meghan were struggling with the effects of constant media backlash.
During the doco, Meghan shared an insight into how she had "really tried" to make her transition into the royal family as seamless as possible.
"I've really tried to adopt this British sensibility of a stiff upper lip... I've tried, I've really tried but I think that what that does internally is probably really damaging."
She added: "I never thought that this would be easy, but I thought it would be fair and that's the part that's really hard to reconcile. But I don't know, just take each day as it comes."
Watch the emotional moment in the player below. Story continues after video...
The Duchess even admitted that she had actually been warned against marrying into the royal family, stating: "My British friends said to me 'I'm sure he's great, but you shouldn't do it because the British tabloids will destroy your life'.
"And I very naively thought — I'm American, we don't have that there — what are you talking about? That doesn't make any sense … I didn't get it.
"So it's been ... complicated."
Prince Harry also opened up about how he was struggling with the pressures from constant media scrutiny, revealing that the ordeal had been triggering for his mental health.
"I thought I was out of the woods and then suddenly it all came back," he revealed.
He also admitted that there was some tension between himself and his older brother Prince William.
"I love him dearly and the majority of the stuff is created out of nothing. But as brothers, you have good days, you have bad days."
Prince Harry admitted he and Wills haven't always seen eye to eye. (Getty)
This coming November, it is understood Harry and Meghan will take a short break from their royal duties with baby Archie.
The pair will likely enjoy some down time out of the spotlight in the UK, and are also reportedly planning to travel to Los Angeles during this time, where they will visit Meghan's mother Doria Ragland.
After an emotionally taxing 12 months, the break couldn't have come at a better time.
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