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Fans go nuts after Beyoncé posts never-before-seen pic of herself and Meghan Markle

Does this mean they're besties now?

By Jess Pullar
When Beyoncé and Meghan Markle met on the red carpet at the Lion King premiere in London, the internet categorically exploded in glee.
Never before had we seen such a vision. Pop royalty met music royalty, and all was well with the world.
But now, in a moment that's only exacerbated our glee, the pop singer has done something else that's prolonged the golden moment, and suffice to say we'll be basking in the update for a while to come.
Taking to her official Instagram account, the stunning superstar shared a series of photos from the star-studded premiere.
But it was one picture in particular from the candid snaps that's really sent royal fans wild - and that's because it includes Meghan Markle.
Indeed while it seemed about 1000 pictures from the amazing moment the pair met were shared fast and frantically across the internet, this picture in particular had not yet surfaced.
All the more glorious about the unseen picture is what the two ladies are doing in it, which can only be described as staring at each other with utmost admiration.
BRB, just weeping tears of happiness at this perfection!

Fans quickly took to the picture to share their love for it, with an extravaganza of love-heart-eyes and confetti emjois littered all through the comments section.
Some fans also made light of the surreal scenario, with one quipping: "Harry must have been so nervous meeting royalty".
Meanwhile another wrote: "How nice Megan and Harry got to meet the Queen".
While Beyoncé isn't exactly official royalty, we can't help but laugh at the irony, because if the music industry had a queen, we'd be celebrating Bey's official Coronation before you can say "Who run the world?"
We will never, ever get over this moment. (Getty)
During Meghan and Harry's meeting with Beyoncé, who was joined by her husband Jay-Z, the foursome shared a candid conversation.
Fans went nuts over Jay-Z's comment about parenting to Harry, with the rapper telling him: "The best advice I can give you, always find some time for yourself."
Meanwhile Queen Bey said what basically the entire world thinks of Meghan's new baby Archie and his parents: "The baby, so beautiful. We love you guys."
Yep, that about sums it up.
WATCH: Beyoncé and Jay Z accept their Brit Award with a portrait of Duchess Meghan. Story continues after video...
Beyoncé and Jay-Z were known fans of Meghan already, with the famed singer sharing an Instagram post featuring none other than Meghan Markle to accept her Brit Award earlier this year.
In the post, Meghan is seen in a portrait behind Beyoncé and her husband. The singer wrote: "In honor of Black History Month, we bow down to one of our Melanated Monas. Congrats on your pregnancy! We wish you so much joy."
It's a solid YES from us to more collaborations between these two queens.
This moment was downright iconic and don't you forget it. (Getty)

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