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Adele's friendship with Harry & Meghan has been revealed - and she's helping them with something unexpected

Close quarters drives fast friendships, it seems.

By Jess Pullar
Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan have only just relocated to Los Angeles, but they're already getting very comfortable in their new surroundings - and that includes becoming very friendly with their new neighbours.
In March, the Duke and Duchess moved to LA at the eleventh hour shortly before flights were grounded amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
They remained firmly in isolation throughout the weeks following, emerging from their home only to help others with food drops and appearing in video calls to shine a light on organisations working hard behind the scenes for those less fortunate in the face of the crisis.
But between the secret manoeuvring, it seems the Duke and Duchess have also managed to get friendly with some of their neighbours - and you might recognise one of them...
According to a new report from the Mirror, singer songwriter Adele has struck up a friendship with Harry and Meghan after they moved to a home near her own in Beverly Hills.
The British talent, who is known for her plethora of heartache songs, has a voice we, and clearly Harry and Meghan now, simply can't miss.
Of course, being from Harry's homeland, it's not surprising that the trio of bonded.
It seems Adele, who has a son with her former partner, has also helped out the royal couple in the parenting department.
In the new report, a source reveals that Adele has even recommended a local school for the Duke and Duchess to consider for their own one-year-old son Archie.
Meghan and Harry are reportedly buddying up with British talent Adele. Images: Instagram)
According to the source, the couple and singer have "swapped notes" on the area.
"Adele loves the neighbourhood. She's also recommended her four-year-old son Angelo's pre-school and discreet places to take Archie where they won't be bombarded by fans," they told the publication.
"Meghan and Harry want to see how they get on in the area first before they commit to buying somewhere."
WATCH: Meghan and Harry release a new video of Archie for his birthday. Story continues...
At present, it's understood the Duke and Duchess are simply renting a place before they buy anywhere.
Their current residence has eight bedrooms, 12 bathrooms and is owned by movie producer Tyler Perry.
The pair gave fans a rare insight into their home earlier this month when a video was released in celebration of Archie's first birthday.
In the clip, which you can view in the player above, Archie is seen sitting on mum Meghan's lap as she reads him a children's book named Duck! Rabbit!.
It seems both Meghan and Harry have a lot of plans for Los Angeles.
In April, the name of their new foundation was revealed as Archewell, which derives from the phrase, "to take action".
Of course, that in itself is something they haven't strayed from doing since announcing they would be stepping back from their senior royal roles and becoming financially independant.
And with pals in high places (we're looking at you, Adele), we're pretty sure there's a lot more to come where these two are concerned.