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“There was nothing like Bert and Patti”: Patti Newton’s family rally around her as she farewells the love of her life

She took comfort from her grandchildren.
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Patti Newton put on a brave face as she arrived at late husband Bert Newton’s state funeral at Melbourne’s St Patrick’s Cathedral on Friday.

The 76-year-old was mourning her husband of 46 years, who died just 10 days shy of their 47th wedding anniversary on November 9.

Dressed in black with a matching black face mask, Patti arrived at the service with her daughter, Lauren, her son-in-law Matt Welsh and the couple’s six children.

Despite the somber occasion, Patti blew kisses as she walked up the steps of the cathedral before the service in Bert’s honour.

Patti blew kisses as she walked up the steps of the cathedral.


Patti arrived at the service with her daughter, Lauren, and grandchildren.


The devastated widow held the hands of two of her granddaughters as she entered the cathedral and walked to the front row, pausing briefly by Bert’s coffin.

She was surrounded by family as she found her place ahead of the service which honoured her late husband’s incredible life and impact on the Australian TV and showbiz industry.

A flood of other TV and broadcasting legends, along with more friends and family continued to arrive at the service after Patti.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison also attended the funeral, pausing to speak with Patti and offer his condolences before the service began.

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews paid tribute to Patti and Bert’s long marriage during the service.

Patti wore a black face mask to the service.


During the service, Patti sat with daughter Lauren, son-in-law Matt and her six grandchildren.


“Everyone knows that when we think and speak of Bert Newton, we are really reflect on a duo, a double act,” he said.

“Bert and Patti were partners in every way. Husband and wife, parents and grandparents, best friends, entertainers, performers and soulmates.

“I do hope that the heartfelt tributes and the real sense of loss felt by so many across our state and our nation has been some small comfort to you, Patti and your family.”

Eddie McGuire honoured Patti too, saying: “There was nothing like Bert and Patti. What a combination.

“Your highs and your lows, your family, Matthew and Lauren, your grandchildren who filled Bert’s last few years with love and joy. There would always have been a Bert, but he was enhanced so much by his Patti.”

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Even Patti’s son Matthew paid tribute to his parents’ beautiful marriage in a special letter read at the service.

“There is no lioness in the world who loved supported and cherished her lion as much as you did dad,” he wrote.

“You two were a team, are team and even though your partner is not on stage anymore, the show goes on and you will be okay.”

Meanwhile, daughter Lauren opened up about her father’s final days with Patti in a letter of her own.

“He was happy to be there with mum by his side,” she penned. “Saying goodbye has been heartbreaking for us all especially mum.

Patti wept as she exited the cathedral with Bert’s coffin, her daughter and grandchildren by her side.


Outside, she held her granddaughter close.


The fmaily said their final farewells as Bert’s coffin was taken away.


“They loved one another so much and I know how he waited until she left the room to take his last breath, because while she was with him he could not have gone.

“My beautiful dad will be with us for ever in our hearts and memories, but life will never be the same without him. I love you, dad.”

Bert passed away on Saturday 30th October aged 83 after a lengthy health battle, which led to him having his leg amputated earlier in the year.

Other TV and entertainment stars shared an outpouring of love and grief when news of Bert’s death broke, but Patti remained quiet until the following day.

Molly Meldrum gives Patti a kiss on the hand after the moving service.


Patti and the Newton family release doves after farewelling Bert.


The morning after her husband’s death, Patti faced reporters and revealed that she had sadly missed his final moments.

“I left at ten past seven, and I was just pulling around to come into my drive and I get the call to say he’d taken his last breath at 7.22pm.

“So I missed him, but maybe he didn’t want me to be there for his last breath.”

She added that the whole Newton family was heartbroken by his passing, but that the 83-year-old brought them all “so much joy” even in his final days.

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“We have to just make sure that the love he gave us stays with us forever,” Patti added.

She also revealed his cause of death a few days later, telling the Daily Mail: “It was complications with everything.

“When you have a leg amputated, you have to be on a lot of painkillers, and Bert had had, just this year alone, he’s had eight procedures, which all involved anaesthetics, and that affects you pretty badly.

“Your whole system and just everything closes down really. That was all.”

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