Bert Newton and Patti Newton's love story in pictures

This Australian power couple's relationship is rock solid.

By Alex Lilly
They are Australia's golden couple and with almost 45 years of marriage under their belts, Bert and Patti Newton seem more in love every day.
Bert first met the then Patti McGrath when the two of them were radio child stars and then moved on to work together at Channel Seven.
The pair stayed in contact throughout their teens and twenties with Patti even inviting Bert to her 21st birthday party before moving to the UK to further her career. It was then that Bert knew that Patti was The One.
"I was working on the QE11 in 1974 43 years ago. Bert surprised me and got on board and asked me to marry him. A wonderful Australia Day and the best thing I ever did xx," she penned on Instagram in 2017.
Since their wedding day, Bert and Patti have welcomed two children, Lauren and Matthew and five grandchildren but at the core of it, they are each others' rocks.
That's not to say they haven't endured their fair share of heartache.
Not only has their son Matthew long battled his own demons, but Bert has had a number of health scares including quadruple bypass surgery and a nasty bout of pneumonia in April 2017.
WATCH: Patti Newton talks about Bert's health scare. Post continues...
But despite the ups and downs that come with marriage, the two continue to be one of the cutest couples in the country.
"Patti is my oldest friend," Bert told Now To Love at the 2018 Logie Awards.
So what's their secret? Patti has previously revealed that it's time apart.
"I think we have a great relationship because we're not always in each other's pocket," she told Woman's Day in 2015.
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