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EXCLUSIVE: Why Jules Sebastian wants Aussie mums to let go of their “guilt” over this one act

“10 minutes isn’t going to break your household!”
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Jules Sebastian has just arrived home from picking up her two sons, Hudson and Archer, from a playdate when she answers the phone.

There are builders in her house, her neighbour is doing something with a bandsaw next door, and it’s safe to say life hasn’t slowed down for the busy mum in lockdown.

Between the boys’ home schooling, Jules’ many projects and husband Guy Sebastian’s work as a musician and TV personality, there’s a lot going on in the Sebastian household.

“You weirdly find a routine within lockdown,” Jules tells Now To Love, adding that she even some time for herself in amongst the organised chaos.

Guy and Jules Sebastian with their two sons, Hudson and Archer.


“I’m a go-getter during the day but when it comes to the night and the kids are in bed, the house it tidy… I can stop my mind and body and do something for myself.”

That ‘something’ usually looks like a candle-lit bath with a cup of tea, a Netflix binge – “Guy and I just started watching Catfish” she says – or a spot of skincare pampering.

As an ambassador for Olay, Jules has been using their new sheet masks and is quick to point out a special feature busy mums like her will seriously appreciate.

“They don’t slide down your face and fall off!” she laughs.

“I appreciate that as someone who’s an absolute multitasker, I’m never not doing two things at once.”

What Aussie mum isn’t a chronic multitasker? With so much going on it can be easy to forget to take a breather.

“As mums, we pile on the guilt [for taking time to ourselves],” she says.

“But it’s so important to take those moments… honestly, 10 minutes can really make a difference to your day, your life and your mindset.

“And 10 or 20 minutes isn’t going to break your household or your kids!”

That’s why Jules is so “religious” about taking time for herself each day, which she dedicates to her skincare.

“Don’t get me wrong, I’m not lounging about spending hour and hours on my skincare,” she jokes over the phone.

“But I am religious about it, I will absolutely make time for the morning routine and the night time routine.”

Jules urges Aussie mums to let go of the guilt around taking time for themselves.


Like most of us, the 41-year-old made her fair share of beauty mistakes in her youth, from not washing off makeup to never drinking enough water.

It’s easy to ignore the importance of skincare when we’re in our 20s, but with her 42nd birthday coming up this week, Jules is paying more attention to her skin these days.

“I’d like to think that I’m going to age naturally and gracefully, and I’m going to take care of myself as best as I can,” she says.

But as a mum, skincare often “flies down the list of important things to do” so she prioritises products that really get the job done.

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“The thing about skincare is finding products that do the hard work for you,” she says.

“Olay is very science based, which I appreciate because they’ve thought about all of the things that need to be put into a product, and then I can just put it on and let it do its job.”

Jules still has to put some work in herself, from getting enough water, to staying active and eating well – all things she credits with helping her skin glow from the inside out.

And though she does feel some pressure to keep herself looking perfect, the mum-of-two says she’s excited to age gracefully.

“There’s something really beautiful about women who embrace ageing and go with it,” she tells us.

Jules is an ambassador for Olay and credits the products for “doing the work” for her.


“That’s how I want to do it; not caring about what anyone thinks of me, or this wrinkle here, or that piece of cellulite. I hope I can be that girl.”

Though it can be easier said than done when we constantly feel the urge to compare ourselves to other women, Jules says her biggest tip is to love yourself “warts and all”.

“No one looks like a magazine cover in real life, it’s just not real… we have to find a way to be okay with ourselves and go with that,” she adds.

Fortunately, she has a man at her side who shares that sentiment and Jules says she’s “so grateful” for husband Guy Sebastian.

Not only is he talented, handsome and a great dad, he is always the first person to remind her that she’s gorgeous exactly as she is.

Jules says Guy is her biggest fan – no matter what!


“I am very lucky to have a man who doesn’t care [about superficial things],” she gushes.

“He says I’m great as I am, he’s very, very kind and very good at saying that.”

Not only is Guy her biggest fan, he’s also happy to join in when Jules cracks out the sheet masks.

She says he “loves” a bit of skincare pampering too after so many years in the hair and makeup chairs for TV shows like The Voice.

“I know when he’s on TV he puts those little under-eye patches on [while he’s getting hair and makeup done] or he’ll put them on in the car on the way to wherever he’s filming,” she giggles.

“He embraces it and he’s not afraid to wear an eye patch, that’s for sure!”

Olay’s new sheet mask range includes six masks for every skin type and concern. Shop the range here. You can also try the new Olay Collagen Peptide 24 moisturiser that Bachelor alum Anna Heinrich swears by.

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