Guy and Jules Sebastian's cutest family moments in pictures

The Sebastian family always find ways to have fun.

By Rebecca Sullivan
Years before they were married and had a family of their own, Guy and Jules Sebastian were just two teenagers falling in love.
The pair first met almost over 22 years ago, well before The Voice coach would go on to win Australian Idol, but their relationship started off as purely platonic.
"We got together when I was 18 and we were real good mates. We were really close mates and weren't really sure whether we wanted to cross that line," Guy told 60 Minutes in 2019.
"I didn't want to ruin the friendship because we were best mates. And I think that's what got us through life."
Jules agrees, putting the couple's long-lasting relationship down to their solid foundation.
"Having a basis of friendship has really gotten us through all of the things that we have gone through," she said.
Now the couple, who were married in 2008, are parents to two boys, Hudson, nine, and Archie, seven.
In an exclusive interview with Now To Love, Jules shared a relatable and candid confession about how motherhood changed her life.
"It's an absolutely life-changing experience becoming a mother, when you have a baby, everything changes in that moment and all of a sudden you just become fiercely protective of this little person."
She added: "Motherhood means so many things because it is literally every waking minute of your day you are thinking about somebody else, it's just how you are as a mum, so you just do it."
Guy and Jules first met and fell in love when they were teenagers. Image: Instagram
The fun-loving and close family have shared many candid pictures over the years, so we though we'd take a look at their family's cutest snaps.
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