“It can’t all be rainbows and unicorns everyday”: Inside Guy and Jules Sebastian’s incredible 20-year relationship

The pair met when they were just teenagers.
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While Guy Sebastian’s career-defining stint on the very first season of Australian Idol in 2003 catapulted him to stardom, but before all the fame, his now-wife Jules Sebastian was always standing by his side.

That’s right – Guy and Jules met when they were just teenagers – and now the cute couple share two sons, Hudson, eight, and Archer, six.

Pop singer Guy is set to return to screens soon with the premiere of the new season of The Voice announced for May 24, so what better time to take a look at the woman who has stood by Guy’s side after all these years.

Last year, Guy and Jules spoke to 60 Minutes for a candid interview about their relationship, revealing details about the early days of their romance.

The Choir hitmaker admitted they were initially friends before things progressed and credited this as key to their long-lasting relationship.

Jules and Guy met when they were teenagers and are STILL together!

(Image: @julessebastian/Instagram)

“We got together when I was 18 and we were real good mates. We were really close mates and weren’t really sure whether we wanted to cross that line,” he explained.

“I didn’t want to ruin the friendship because we were best mates. And I think that’s what got us through life.”

Jules agreed, adding, “Having a basis of friendship has really gotten us through all of the things that we have gone through.”

During the intimate chat, Jules also revealed that it wasn’t exactly love at first sight between the pair as she recalled the first moment Guy really caught her eye.

“He came to my house and he knocked on the door all suited up,” she said.

“I’d known him since we were about 14 or 15 and he’d been around but I never really noticed him until I opened the door and was like ‘Noted!'” I noticed him for the first time.”

WATCH: Jules and Guy Sebastian reveal how they first met. Story continues below…

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In the past, Guy has also revealed he and Jules both auditioned for Australian Idol – and it was thanks to their singing talents that they even crossed paths in the first place.

“She can sing, and funnily enough she auditioned with me on Idol all those years ago. She didn’t quite make it,” he joked on The Project in 2016.

“It’s pretty cheesy, we met singing at a wedding together and had to learn this really cheesy love song,” Guy revealed.

“We’re looking into each other’s eyes, singing these lyrics and some sparks flew, and you know we’re still together.”

The pair got together when they were very young, still teenagers in fact, but still manage to make their relationship work.

“She’s a gem and she’s my rock,” Guy said of his wife.

The couple have two adorable sons together.

(Image: @julessebastian/Instagram)

It was a few years before Guy popped the question, and in May 2020 the singer revealed in an Instagram Live how he pulled off the magical moment.

Guy explained that he proposed to Jules while on a trip to Queensland’s Hervey Bay, where he had just bought an investment property.

“I was pretending that we were holidaying there and I said let’s go for a walk down the beach. There’s a nice stretch of beach that’s not very populated so I thought it’d be nice and quiet,” he said.

“We got to like where this house that I had bought and there’s a bench that overlooks the water and we sat on that bench and I got on my knee.

“I did it really fast because I was really nervous. I didn’t even have a speech, I wasn’t like ‘We’ve been together for this long…'”

Jules added, “It was literally like we sat down and as soon as his butt hit the bench, he was on the ground with the ring.”

Young love!

(Image: Channel Nine)

Guy and Jules credit their basis of friendship as the key to their relationship success.

(Image: Channel Nine)

But like any married couple, things haven’t always been smooth sailing, with Jules admitting to Now To Love, “It can’t all be rainbows and unicorns everyday”

In fact, the couple actually split before they were married.

Guy revealed Jules dumped him early on in their relationship because he was a “rubbish boyfriend” who acted like a bit of a “douche”.

“She left me before. I was a rubbish boyfriend and I was never there… I was not a gentleman. I didn’t believe in opening doors,” Guy told Kyle and Jackie O in 2017.

“It took her breaking up with me for me to realise I was being a douche,” he explained.

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The couple with their kids Hudson and Archer.

(Image: @julessebastian/Instagram)

It was during this time that Guy and his fellow coach on The Voice, Delta Goodrem, had a brief romance.

Guy revealed that 16 years ago, the pair “kinda hung out … call it dates or whatever”, while he and Jules were on a break.

“To be honest, it was so brief,” he told Who, before adding: “We were never girlfriend and boyfriend, we were literally just seeing each other.”

Delta however, brushed off the comments, telling the Kyle and Jackie O show: “Oh my God, was he talking about that?”

She then confirmed that one of the so-called dates consisted of the pair simply watching a Harry Potter film together, so not exactly a steamy affair!

For her part, Jules is taking it all with a grain of salt.

“As long as I know the truth, as long as I’m not hearing that for the first time – that would probably be a bit of a problem, but I knew all of that,” she told Now To Love in November 2019.

The Delta thing was like – I felt for her because that’s the last thing she wants to be dragged into, but I was fine. I knew the truth so I was fine.”

Couple dressing on the red carpet.

(Image: Getty)

They say the couple that shreds together stays together, and that’s exactly what Guy and Jules did in 2017, when the Angels Brought Me Here hit-maker decided to undergo a dramatic eight-week health and fitness transformation, to get himself in shape for a Men’s Health magazine cover shoot.

Jules decided to get on board as well – and the pair both completely changed their bodies.

They cut out sugar, carbs and alcohol for and also exercised six times a week.

A before-and-after of Jules’ transformation.

(Image: @julessebastian/Instagram)

Guy’s incredible 8-week transformation.

(Image: Men’s Health)

“It was a very busy time for us and I remember being out at a concert, and there was this huge cheese platter and champagne flowing, and Guy and I were just staring at the food holding each other, saying ‘don’t do it, don’t do it!’,” Jules told Body & Soul.

They had the help of specialist personal trainers who pushed them to their limits and also gave nutritional advice.

“I love food and I love bad food – hot chips and carbs are my weakness,” Jules admitted.

“Each meal time it’s a decision for me; ‘Am I going to go for the healthy option or am I going to go for the unhealthy option. If I go out for breakfast I weigh up the French toast or pancakes against the avocado smash and poached eggs. It’s still delicious, but just not full of sugar and bad stuff.”

Now the mother-of-two says she hasn’t looked back and tries to make exercise and eating well a part of her everyday life.

“Hand on my heart I can say that it has changed my life. It sounds so dramatic but it really has. More than the body transformation, It’s how I feel. I have more energy, I am happier, I’m in a better mood, I’m better for my kids, I’m a better mum, I’m a better wife. My mind is really clear.”

WATCH BELOW: Guy Sebastian opens up about his relationship with wife Jules. Story continues after video.

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And it’s clearly paying off, with Guy recently admitting that he thinks his wife is the most beautiful she’s ever been.

“I think Jules has gotten hotter, with age. I mean you should’ve seen her when I first started dating her – not hot. I’ve told her that,” Guy has previously joked.

“We were best mates, we started dating – because we were mates I didn’t find her hot and then as the years went on I was like, ‘She’s really hot’.”

We think Jules has always looked stunning – and we’re glad Guy has finally realised that too!

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