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A definitive guide to Delta Goodrem’s past relationships – from boy band heartthrobs to tennis legends

She's not-so-predictable when it comes to love.
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When it comes to matters of the heart, Delta Goodrem always wears her own on her sleeve.

The 37-year-old Aussie beauty has had an eventful romantic history – and we can’t blame the guys who have eagerly lined up to date the gorgeous star.

After she rose to fame in the early 2000s for her acting gig on Neighbours, the blonde bombshell from Ramsay Street became one of the most prominent faces in Australian entertainment, so naturally, her dating life was one of the first things that piqued the interest of her fans.

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During the 2000s, Delta saw her profile rise not only through her Neighbours gig, but also as a talented singer, releasing her first album Innnocent Eyes in 2003.

The rest, as they say, is history. After enjoying a wildly successful career in the entertainment industry, Delta was a lead coach on popular television show The Voice, where she mentored budding singers who aspired to be exactly like her.

And while we love Delta for her undisputed talent, there is a side to her we’d love to know more about – her dating history.

Keep scrolling as we delve into the Aussie beauty’s past romances, from casual flings to full-blown, PDA-packed serious romances.

1. Mark Philippoussis

Delta Goodrem and Mark Phillippoussis were together in 2004.

(Image: Getty)

In 2004, Delta and tennis legend Mark Philippoussis began dating.

It seems things got serious between the pair fast, with Delta regularly attending Mark’s tennis matches and causing a media storm with photographers whenever the pair were spotted out and about.

Around the same time they were dating, Delta was sadly diagnosed with a form of cancer called Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Mark is understood to have been a great support to her throughout the difficult time, inspiring one of Delta’s hit singles, Out of the Blue.

Controversially, the pair’s relationship ended following a slew of cheating rumours related to Mark, with the tennis star linked to Paris Hilton in 2004.

Delta and Mark at the Athens 2004 Summer Olympic Games.

(Image: Getty)

“Delta and I had something special and unfortunately it didn’t work out and now it’s just making everything feel like it’s all rubbish, and it’s tough,” Philippoussis told 2GB radio’s Alan Jones at the time.

“We realised things were tough,” he said.

“We’re both young, she’s just starting her career. She’s going to get bigger and bigger and I need to get my career back on track and it’s a decision we both came up with.”

But it seems that Delta knew she was better off without him, revealing on The Voice in 2015 that ex-boyfriends “make number one hits for you.”

You tell ’em Delta!

2. Blair McDonough

Delta and Blair were rumoured to be dating back in 2003.

(Image: Getty)

While Delta starred on Neighbours, rumours swirled she had a fling with her co-star Blair McDonough in 2003.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Delta’s hit single Not Me, Not I is rumoured to be about his infidelity – yikes.

Neither ave officially commented on the rumours, so we’re not sure how true this one is.

3. Brian McFadden

Delta and Brian McFadden were even engaged to be married.

(Image: Getty)

Probably one of Delta’s most high profile romances was with none other than boy band member Brian McFadden.

In 2004, the pair began what turned out to be a very long romance.

Brian, who was part of the popular UK boy band Westlife, was even engaged to the Australian singer, but they broke up in 2011.

Speaking to Vogue about the romance shortly after it ended, Delta revealed: “There is so much I’d like to say. I was really unhappy and I didn’t know how to get out. I learnt. I got there in the end.”

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4. Nick Jonas

Nick is now married to stunning Indian actress Priyanka Chopra.

(Image: Getty)

After her relationship with Brian ended, Delta struck up a relationship with another boy band star – Nick Jonas.

According to reports at the time, Nick and Delta dated for 10 months before they called it quits in February 2012.

And despite their eight year age-difference, it seems the pair had undeniable chemistry and remain firm friends even to this day.

5. Darren McMullen

Delta and Darren remain close friends to this day.

(Image: Getty)

This one isn’t necessarily confirmed, but the rumour mill was definitely in overdrive when Darren and Delta began filming the first season of The Voice together.

The show’s host Darren actually told Sunday Life magazine in 2016 that he and Delta were never in a “confirmed relationship” but they “liked each other and hung out”.

He also confirmed the pair had remained close friends. Just as well, as things would surely have been awkward when Darren returned to host The Voice in 2020 if that wasn’t the case!

6. Drew Mitchell

Delta reportedly dumped Drew over the telephone.

(Image: Getty)

There’s nothing quite like the lure of a sportsman, and that certainly rang true for Delta when it was revealed she was dating ex-Wallabies star Drew Mitchell.

The pair were believed to be dating in 2016, but in December that same year, Woman’s Day revealed the pair had reportedly split after Delta dumped him over the phone.

A source revealed to the publication that he was simply “not her speed”.

Well, there you go!

7. Guy Sebastian?!

Guy and Delta used to watch Harry Potter movies together on dates.

(Image: Getty)

Before we get too excited – let’s just preface this to say there is no confirmation as yet that proves Delta and Guy were in a relationship – however, there are certainly rumours.

Recently speaking to WHO, Guy revealed that 16 years ago, the pair “kinda hung out … call it dates or whatever”, while he was on a break from dating his now-wife Jules Sebastian!

“To be honest, it was so brief,” he said, before adding: “We were never girlfriend and boyfriend, we were literally just seeing each other.”

Delta however, brushed off the comments, telling the Kyle and Jackie O show: “Oh my God, was he talking about that?”

She then confirmed that one of the so-called dates consisted of the pair simply watching a Harry Potter film together.

8. Seal

Were Delta and Seal more than just co-stars on the Voice?

(Image: Getty)

In 2017, it was reported Delta had struck up a relationship with fellow Voice coach at the time, Seal.

And while the pair never confirmed things officially, a source revealed to Woman’s Day that Delta had been “spending a lot of time with Seal off set and she’s fallen hard for him.”

Whether that was true or not remains to be seen, and with Delta now confirmed to be dating a brand new beau, things clearly ended before they could have begun (in public, in any case!)

Not an ex! Meet Matthew Copley

Delta and Matthew perform together.

(Image: Getty)

Delta is currently in a relationship with musician Matthew Copley – but the pair keep their relationship notoriously private.

In January 2019, the singer shared a sweet (and rare!) photo of herself and Matthew cosied up on a deck chair.

The singer also shared an intimate video to her Instagram story around the same time of the pair taking part in a singalong group.

In 2021 the couple appears to be going strong, although they remain very private. In April, Delta thrilled fans by sharing a rare snap of them hanging out on a yacht with TV presenter Renee Bargh and publicist Nicole Foster.

“Matthew’s Angels”.

(Image: Instagram)

In the picture, musician Matthew had his arm draped around the Solid Gold songstress while Delta brandished a wide grin as she rested her arm on her boyfriend’s shoulder.

Captioning the image, Matthew simply wrote: “Matthew’s Angels”.

It seems Delta has finally found some harmony when it comes to love! Watch their sweet moment below.

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