The Voice: Fights, wild partying and secret tears

Forget the artists - the coaches are leading the drama this year.

Boy George: I quit!

He's rumoured to be one of the biggest divas on the set of The Voice, with sources telling us he makes "major demands" behind the scenes and has 
to be reined in by his agents.
Now speculation is rife Boy George might be ready to quit the Aussie franchise and jump ship – to the US!
Responding to a fan about whether he had plans to join the US panel – which currently includes Kelly Clarkson, Adam Levine and Alicia Keys – he wrote "Yes. #Next."
And while Boy George proved to be a hit with viewers last year, his lack 
of interest in the Aussie show hasn't exactly gone unnoticed with production.
"Boy George seemed totally bored and uninterested during the Blind Auditions," a source tells Woman's Day. "The other coaches would walk off with the artists and congratulate them, but he'd just sit there."
His relationship with Kelly appears to be strained, too. This week the two stars butt heads after she refers to him as "a man in a f---ing hat". "I'm an icon in a f---ing hat!" exclaims George, 56.
Will Boy George walk?

Kelly’s heartache: ‘I was a victim of racism’

She's the bold, fearless and talented star who topped the charts with her band Destiny's Child – but Kelly Rowland, 37, 
has had to overcome plenty 
of obstacles in the face of success as a black woman.
Earlier this year, the mum-of-one – who is a strong advocate in the fight against racism – revealed she dealt with derogatory comments as a little girl.
"I remember getting the 'you're pretty for a black girl' statement," she said on Instagram in January.
In 2009, Kelly performed at the Love Music Hate Racism Festival in the UK. In 2011, 
she revealed her thoughts on interracial dating, saying she liked "a black guy just as much as I love a white guy".
In 2015, she admitted the thought of raising her son Titan – a black male – caused her
 to have a "mild panic attack."
"I remember being pregnant and I remember, of course, finding out that it was a boy… 
I had a little anxiety attack because I was like, I have to raise a great man, and he has to know his identity," she says.
Kelly dealt with derogatory comments as a little girl.

Producers tell Joe: ‘Quit partying – or you’re out!’

It looks like the excitement of living Down Under has had quite the effect on Joe Jonas – to the point producers have had to step in and ask him 
to curb his partying!
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"Joe's always been known to love a good party but he was going at it hard during filming, which unsurprisingly didn't go down too well with the producers," reveals a source, adding Joe was advised in no uncertain terms to behave himself.
Joe, 28, has been getting 
a hard time elsewhere, too. 
A fan says she was disappointed about how disengaged he was. "When the camera 
wasn't rolling he wouldn't even look at the audience or acknowledge fans. He didn't take his eyes off his phone."
"Joe's always been known to love a good party but he was going at it hard during filming," a source says.

Delta Goodrem’s secret tears

Her radiant smile and bubbly personality are ever present, so insiders were shocked to see Delta Goodrem near tears during a recent recording session of The Voice.
"I've never seen Delta like that before – she looked so upset and had tears in her eyes," says our source.
Now insiders are telling us Delta is feeling the pressure of her "brotherly" relationship with fellow coach Joe.
"Delta has heard through the grapevine Joe's fiancee Sophie [Turner] is less 
than impressed with them 
getting so close," our insider tells.
"Delta has no romantic feelings for 
Joe – she dated his brother Nick – but she can't help worrying it might ruin their relationship."
Delta is feeling the pressure of her "brotherly" relationship with fellow coach Joe.

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