EXCLUSIVE: Inside Kelly Rowland's intense five-days-a-week exercise regimen

So THAT'S how she does it!

Kelly Rowland's long journey from America to Sydney this week started off with a little hiccup - a huge late-night flight delay at LAX airport.
She normally doesn't find the 15-hour trip from her homeland too tiresome, but for the first time the 38-year-old felt her patience wearing thin.
"I love it here, so it's never a problem to come and spend time in Australia, but we were supposed to take off at 11pm and ended up leaving close to three in the morning," Kelly told Now To Love.
"It changes the dynamic of everything. I can usually sleep the whole flight, but I woke up and I had hours left," she said.
Kelly is back in Australia to perform a free concert at The Everest race in Sydney on Saturday, so despite her lack of sleep, the first thing Kelly did when she got off the plane was head straight to rehearsals.
"We started mapping out our space where we rehearse. And then I tried to stay up on the first night until 11pm. The last five hours were a struggle, but then I slept through until 6am," she said.
How insane is her skin?! Instagram
Kelly showing off her classic beauty look on Instagram. Instagram
As soon as The Voice coach and former Destiny's Child star found out she was coming to the races in Sydney, she was on the phone to her stylist.
"I heard how incredibly fashionable everyone is at the races, so I have to be able to keep up. So I called my stylist and I made sure I got my whole team ready," she revealed.
Kelly knows Aussies love to look on-point at the races. Getty
If you follow Kelly on Instagram, you'll know that she's seriously fit.
As well as her own activewear line, Kelly loves to share her intense workouts with her 9.3 million Instagram followers, revealing how she keeps her "muscles strong" and "outfit game stronger".
So how does she keep her insane body fit and healthy?
"I'm working out about four to five times a week," Kelly said.
"I like to do a lot of butt and legs, because everyone tells me that's the first thing to fall," she joked.
"I like to get a good run in. I do this thing where I run on a treadmill for two minutes, then walk on an incline for two minutes and I do that for 10 minutes. That's about it."

Lately, Kelly says she's been enjoying eating more plant-based foods.
"I try to stay away from foods that don't agree with my body. I took a cool test and it told me things that don't agree with me, so I've been staying away from meat. Look, I'm the person that is from Texas and I'm a southern girl, but I'm finding myself not be able to handle it.
"I actually crave a salad and celery sticks! My friends are like 'What the?!' But on holidays it is a full on calorie fest."
As for her motivation for staying in shape, Kelly says it's "not about vanity", but staying healthy for her son, four-year-old Titan, who she shares with her husband of five years, Tim Weatherspoon.
"I lost my mother to a cardiac arrest and I want to make healthier choices so my son can see me being healthy too," she said.
Kelly showing off her insane body on Instagram. Instagram
Kelly is no stranger to Australia's killer food scene, having spent loads of time in Sydney while filming the past three seasons of The Voice.
And she revealed her favourite food and drink hotspots she likes to hit up when she's in town.
"I love the food here. There's a couple of spots I like to hit up. I never leave Australia without going to Mr Wong," she said, referring to Merivale's hugely popular Chinese restaurant in the Sydney CBD.
Her other favourites include Catalina in Rose Bay, The Butler in Potts Point ("I like the atmosphere") and Neighbourhood In Bondi.
"At Neighbourhood, the vibe is so great, the food is so great. After I eat my hamburger and my French fries and fried chicken, I'm like licking my fingers! There's a whisky caramel butter popcorn drink ... it is my favourite and I can't get it anywhere else in the world. It's my favourite thing to drink."
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It's no secret that Australians are famous for getting a little drunk and disorderly during spring racing season, but the paparazzi certainly won't catch Kelly stumbling out of Royal Randwick, heels swung over her shoulder, desperately trying to hail a cab.
"I heard that everyone drinks a lot," Kelly said.
"People said, 'You know, if you don't leave there and you don't know where your car is and you're stumbling' .... I was like, 'Wait what? Is that what happens?'," she joked.
"Because I cannot be that person."
You can catch a Kelly performing at The Everest at Royal Randwick this Saturday and tickets are available online now.