"What a wonderful adventure it has been": Guy Sebastian and Jules Sebastian's love story in pictures

''12 years married, 20 years together and 2 beautiful boys.''

By Rebecca Sullivan
He's now one of Australia's top-selling record artists and she's a killer stylist with hundreds of thousands of women hanging off her every recommendation, but long before Guy and Jules Sebastian found fame and fortune 20 years ago, they were just two regular 18-year-olds falling head-over-heels in love.
"We got together when I was 18 and we were real good mates. We were really close mates and weren't really sure whether we wanted to cross that line," Guy revealed on 60 Minutes last year.
The pair had been friends since they were "14 or 15" - they met singing at a wedding together - but romance certainly wasn't front of mind.
"I didn't want to ruin the friendship because we were best mates. And I think that's what got us through life," Guy revealed.
Gushing about his wife, Guy added: "She's a gem and she's my rock."
The couple were married in 2008, but they actually briefly split up before they tied the knot.
Guy has previously revealed Jules dumped him early on in their relationship because he was a "rubbish boyfriend" who acted like a bit of a "douche".
"She left me before. I was a rubbish boyfriend and I was never there... I was not a gentleman. I didn't believe in opening doors," Guy told Kyle and Jackie O in 2017.
"It took her breaking up with me for me to realise I was being a douche," he explained.
WATCH BELOW: Guy and Sebastian recall the first time they met. Story continues after video.
More recently, when asked about what makes their relationship work, Jules admitted to Now To Love that "it can't all be rainbows and unicorns everyday".
The couple are refreshingly honest about their marriage on social media - the good and the bad - and it's earned them both hundreds of thousands of fans.
So in celebration of their relationship, let's take a trip down memory lane to relive the early days of their romance and see how these two have grown over the years.