EXCLUSIVE: Guy Sebastian recorded a whole damn SONG for his wife Jules Sebastian for Mother’s Day last year and the move cannot be beaten… or can it?

The Aussie crooner put his talents to good use.
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Guy and Jules Sebastian are a refreshing Australian mainstay of family wholesomeness.

Together for more than 20 years, the pair now share two sons: Hudson, nine, and Archer, seven.

And even after all these years, coming through many highs and lows, and many tumbles and triumphs, the pair are still finding ways to surprise each other.

At least, Jules Sebastian has just confirmed as much when reminiscing on her last Mother’s Day with Guy and her two boys.

“Last year was his absolute crescendo of excellence. He recorded a song with the boys in the studio, it was so amazing. Like I just cried and cried,” Jules tells Now To Love in an exclusive chat.

“It was to the tune of Forever Young. They changed the lyrics and they made it all about me. I laughed-cried the whole time.”

Guy and Jules Sebastian are the epitome of wholesome, long-term love.


Of course, Jules was the first to admit this was his absolute smash hit of all Mother’s Days – there have been years he’s quickly got the boys out together in the morning for a quick shop for gifts before she wakes.

But topping it off a whole damn song recording? Well, as Jules put it: “There’s no coming back from that!”

Guy Sebastian recorded an entire song for Jules last Mother’s Day.


Speaking of raising her kids, Jules gushes about her two young boys, saying the experience has completely changed her as a person.

“It’s an absolutely life-changing experience becoming a mother, when you have a baby, everything changes in that moment and all of a sudden you just become fiercely protective of this little person.”

She added: “Motherhood means so many things because it is literally every waking minute of your day you are thinking about somebody else, it’s just how you are as a mum, so you just do it.”

Raising her two boys has been a true joy for Jules.


Of course, we all know and love Jules for her flawless fashion sense and enviable beauty looks.

We’re compelled to ask – how does she maintain a good skin and beauty routine amongst the business of raising kids and a successful career as a stylist and influencer?

“I keep it really simple and a small sort of step program,” she tells us.

“I’ve been using the Power Duo from Olay which is a really good one, that’s a serum and moisturiser. It’s like a luminous serum – I love a serum because it just feels like a bit of luxury each day and it’s so nice to put on your skin and it’s so hydrating. This particular one [from Olay] gives you quote a luminous glow that you know we are all striving for!”

“So I start by washing my face in the show, then my serum, then I complete it with the moisturiser.”

Sounds super simple indeed!

As for her clothing tips, Jules has one piece of advice – mix and match!

“In your wardrobe have things in your wardrobe you can interchange together, simple pants, a shirt, a blazer these can all go together.”

“Then you can re-wear and reuse things, and it’s also well thought through. And if you’re going to somewhere fancy, save your really statement kind of dressy pieces for that. But everyday wear make sure it’s interchangeable. That would be my advice.”

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