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10 times Chrissy Teigen slayed social media

She's the queen of sass and is never afraid to tell it how it is so let's relive some of Chrissy Teigen's most hilarious Instagram moments.

By Melanie Burton
Chrissy Teigen is our dream woman. She's smart, funny, sexy, and she's not afraid to be blunt and honest in her Instagram snaps.
From holding her boobs on a roller coaster because of a possible breast milk explosion, to wiggling fried chicken on her booty, she is #seriousgoals.
Here's 10 times Chrissy made us LOL on social media...
When she made fun of herself after the split in her dress at the American Music Awards was held together by a safety pin, and went waaaay higher than she probably expected.

When the kiddie Christmas present craze was Hatchimals - you know where you grow your own animal which hatches from it's very own egg?! - and Chrissy pretended to get Luna one, but really it was probably for her.
Don't worry, we'd do the same.

Chrissy and John defined #relationshipgoals yet again, when they dressed in KFC and fried chicken onesies for a pyjama party they hosted.
Also, side note: we are living for her Spice Girls-inspired bun pigtails.

When Chrissy went to Disneyland with John, and explained why she was holding her boobs in the photo - her breast milk was going to explode everywhere.
Mums everywhere would have been able to relate...

When one of her extensions decided to get itself stuck in her hairbrush, and the 31-year-old shared the result with the world.

When she got excited because she got an Easy-Bake oven. Oh we ladies are simple creatures.

When she whipped out her childish immaturity like we all do every so often. Or all the time. Don't judge.

When she spent a day at Dave & Buster's and only had some lollies to show for all her game-playing hard work.

When she had a plate of fried chicken balancing on her booty, and wouldn't let John grab any.

When she did what we all want to do on a flight. But we don't have access to a private jet so we'd look like freaks if we whipped out a face mask on the plane.

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