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The REAL reason behind Meghan Markle's mass staff exodus

Is this the answer we've all been waiting to hear?

By Jess Pullar
There's no denying that working for a royal would be a big role to take on, but in the wake of several staffers quitting under the helm of the newly-minted Duchess Meghan Markle, we had to wonder: What was really going on?
Well, it seems we might finally have our answer as a former royal staffer divulges something we weren't fully aware of - and it might surprise you.
There might be a very valid reason as to why a number of Meghan's staff have up and left in the last few months. (Image: Getty)
After becoming an official member of the royal family in 2018, Meghan has seen no less than three of her key staffers hand in their resignation in a matter of months.
In November, it was reported several staff members assigned to the Duchess had been been dropping like flies since their May wedding, most notably being Meghan's new recruit, a personal assistant named Melissa.
Next came the shock report that long-time royal staffer Samantha Cohen had also handed in her notice after 17 years of working with the royals.
And just this week it was reported that Amy Pickerill, Meghan's private secretary would be departing as Harry and Meghan prepare for the arrival of their first child in the coming weeks.
Harry and Meghan have seen several staff members hand in their notice since their royal wedding in May 2018. (Image: Getty)
With so many staffers choosing to up and leave in such short succession, you had to wonder what could be going so wrong.
But much to our relief, it seems there might be a very justifiable reason behind the mass exodus - according to former staffer Dickie Arbiter, it's all to do with the sheer workload.
"I was one of the Queen's press secretaries with the remit. In addition to answering to her, 90 per cent of my time was [spent] looking after the Prince of Wales and Diana," he told Global News.
"I'd [been on the] job with them for five years. Any longer and I would've been burnt out."
He explained that the role not only required him to act as a spokesman, but also to manage the media for ceremonial occasions and major events at Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle.
When you consider how often we see the royals attend such controlled and impeccably organised events nearly every week, its not hard to imagine how much pressure is on for the staffers working behind the scenes.
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Arbiter said the intense pressure that comes with the job adds up over time, and this could be a valid reason as to why Harry and Meghan have seen several of their staff choose to quit.
Furthermore, the unexpected resignation from Amy Pickerill may well have been timed in mind of the Sussexs' impending arrival.
A source told Harper's BAZAAR that Amy had in fact "originally planned on staying until at least the end of the year, but with the baby coming it makes sense to help recruit someone now who can pick up when the Duchess returns to her official work."
Meghan's staffer Amy Pickerill got along well with Meghan, according to her friends. (Images: Getty)
Meanwhile, a friend of Amy's said she had a warm relationship with the royal, explaining, "She has agreed to stay on to help them with the birth of the baby and organise their new household, but will then move on."
She is often seen alongside Meghan during her various public outings and official engagements - and going by the amount of people and policing at each, it would be understandable for anyone to feel exhausted after operating under such pressure.
With that being said, there's no denying the royal job mightn't be as glamorous as it sounds on paper - but here's hoping the Sussexs' can find a suitable replacement as they tackle life as a family of three.