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The Block's Luke and Tess: “It was putting pressure on our marriage”

Will the couple survive the series?

By Zara Zubeidi and Helen Vnuk
For newlyweds Tess and Luke, The Block is turning into a horror honeymoon. Following a gruelling first week at The Oslo – and them fearing they're fast becoming the laughing stock of the show – the Cairns couple face even more stress as Tess tries to push husband Luke to fire their builder.
Tess, 28, says she and Luke were feeling "overwhelmed".
"We struggled a lot," she tells TV WEEK. "It was really hard for us to get a good trade team on board. Luke and I were feeling out of our depth. You look around and think the other couples are cruising."
"It was definitely adding to the stress and putting pressure on our marriage," Luke, 30, adds. "You say things you don't mean to one another. We definitely fought like we've never fought before."
It's week two and already the couple are feeling the pressure.
Last week saw Tess and Luke sack their tiler at the last hour. And this week, they risk presenting another unfinished room to the judges when their builder is ordered off site for a breach of safety regulations. Tess has had enough, and decides that Luke, being a tradie himself, needs to step up and fire the builder.
"We argued over that," the former hairdresser explains. "I would have done it, but I just wanted Luke to take care of the trades. Understandably, Luke has his reservations.
"I was worried that if we let him go, we'd be left with absolutely nobody," he explains. The couple eventually have a conversation with the builder that leaves Tess in tears.
The stress of competing on the show often got too much for poor Tess. She admits to constantly telling Luke she was going to leave.
"It was never a matter of leaving and never coming back," she adds. "But I think it always went through our head, 'Are we good enough for this?'"
Can the youngest couple on this season of The Block prove to everyone they deserve their place in the competition?

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