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Where to follow all The Block 2019 contestants on Instagram

Get a glimpse inside the lives of your favourite Blockheads when the cameras aren't rolling.

By Erin Doyle
The Block has returned for its 15th season and we know what that means... time to start Insta-stalking the contestants!
This season, the five teams will renovate the run-down Oslo Hotel in Melbourne's St Kilda; a decrepit property that has seen better days.
And as Australia watches on in anticipation as the new crop of Blockheads take on the show's most ambitious transformation yet, the teams themselves will be posting along with all the behind-the-scenes snippets of what really went down.

Andy and Deb

Official Instagram handle: @andyanddeb
General team vibe: Expect some A+ amusing captions to accompany Instagram posts from this lot – Andy is a stand-up comedian with a few jokes up his sleeve.
He's taking on The Oslo with his partner Deb who describes herself as a "country girl through and through".
They have two kids Luca, 14 and Tyler, 9, as well as two foster children Leilanie, 22, and Gregg, 21.
Funny guy Andy and his partner Deb have been together for 28 years. (Image: Instagram @andyanddeb)

El'ise and Matt

Official Instagram handle: @eliseandmatt
General team vibe: El'ise and Matt have been together 7.5 years and share three kids: Baxter, 8, Charlize, 6, and Maverick, 5.
The couple are experienced renovators, with Matt a chippie and owner of a company that specialises in renovations. They're giving it their all to give their family a better life.
WATCH: El'ise and Matt's wedding video went viral way back in 2012. See it below. Story continues after video...
Married couple El'ise and Matt are experienced renovaters. (Image: Instagram@eliseandmatt)

Jesse and Mel

Official Instagram handle: @jesseandmelblock
General team vibe: Jesse and Mel have been together for three years, but for auctioneer Jesse, his dream of appearing on The Block extends to well before the couple got together.
The auctioneer has been applying to take part every year since he was 18 but this year he finally got his big break.
Though it's only the first week of the competition, Jesse is already ruffling feathers, particularly with foreman Keith.
Jesse (pictured with partner Mel) has been applying for The Block ever since he was 18. (Image: Instagram@jesseandmelblock)

Tess and Luke

Official Instagram handle: @tessandluke
General team vibe: Determined Cairns natives Tess and Luke have applied for The Block four years in a row.
And while the pair have been in a happy relationship for eight years, their romance got off to a rocky start. At their first meeting at a music gig, Luke stepped on Tess' foot, with the feisty blonde unleashing with a few choice words.
Tess and Luke applied for The Block four years in a row. Image: @tessandluke/ Instagram

Mitch and Mark

Official Instagram handle: @mitchandmark
General team vibe: Mitch and Mark may well be the team to beat. The couple boasts 13 years of experience as serial property flippers.
Between them, they have renovated 15 properties with budgets ranging from $30,000 to $250,000, pocketing a reported profit of $3.5 million.
Mitch and Mark (Image: Instagram@mitchandmark)

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