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The Block: Keith unleashes after Jesse is accused of breaking the rules

“He was out of line!”

By Zara Zubeidi
You'd think Keith Schleiger would have seen it all during his time on The Block. But this week, as renovations get underway at The Oslo, the foreman faces his biggest challenge yet as he continues to clash with outspoken real estate agent Jesse.
After a series of run-ins, Jesse, who has already appeared on the reality series last season as an auctioneer, earns a black mark against his name for defying The Block rules, leading to a confrontation with host Scott Cam.
Now, Keith tells TV WEEK, Jesse is not doing himself any favours by challenging the professionals on set.
"He was on a mission to annoy me," Keith explains. "Auctioneers are always cocky and confident, and probably not the kind of people I like, to be honest. But Jesse was impossible. I've never had any other contestant be on a mission like he was."
Keith says he's "never had anyone be so rude" to him as Jesse. "He was being very cheeky the entire time," he says. "He was out of line."
Keith blows up at Jesse.
Keith says he came up with a plan to "get even" with Jesse. He'd make sure he and girlfriend Mel would be the last to be seen when it came to giving the teams the green light to start work.
"He got us offside, so we didn't take that extra step to help him," he says. "He may have come last in receiving things that we provided the other contestants – that's just how it works."
Jesse, 29, says he and Keith had a "love-hate relationship" – and that the foreman had it in for him.
"He thinks I'm just a real estate agent and a pen-pusher," he says. "But I have a background in construction. If I think what I'm doing is right, I'll back myself. You'll always get a foreman like Keith."
The foreman lays down the rules.
Jesse says he was aware of Keith's strategy to hinder his and Mel's chances.
"The fact that Keith would make us start last, I take as a compliment," he says. "They were trying to make it harder for us, but it didn't work."
As for being cast as the show's "villain", Jesse doesn't mind.
"Some people may say I'm cocky or arrogant, but I believe in myself and my ability to do the work and finish on time," he explains. "I think people will soon realise that."
The Block airs Monday to Wednesday, 7.30pm, and Sunday, 7pm on the Nine Network

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