See inside The Block 2019’s first room reveal as the teams unveil their guest bedroom

For some of the Blockheads, it was a massive feat just to finish.

By Erin Doyle
The mammoth task of overhauling The Oslo Hotel quickly became apparent to the five teams competing on The Block this year.
With the teams renovating areas twice as large as last year's Gatwick Hotel, even host Scott Cam was worried he had set the challenge too large.
He was right to be worried: the first challenge, which was to present a guest bedroom, proved a task that was tricky to undertake.
Of the five teams, only two – Jesse and Mel as well as Mitch and Mark - were able to present finished rooms.
The others – Tess and Luke, El'ise and Matt and Andy and Deb - were all forced to style unpainted bedrooms, leaving judges Shaynna Blaze, Neale Whitaker and Darren Palmer gasping at the unfinished symphonies.
But despite the challenges of finishing such a massive undertaking in time, each team were already showing their own distinct style and personalities in the guest bedroom.
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