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Scott Cam's fury! The Block host blows a fuse as he unleashes on stubborn contestant Jesse

“Pull your head in!”

By Erin Doyle
Tempers were flaring on The Block on Wednesday night as contestant Jesse dared to take on the big man himself, host Scott Cam.
After Jesse drew the ire of foreman Keith for not including an adequate drainage system in his en-suite bathroom, it wasn't long before all hell broke loose.
Jesse, who is taking on The Oslo Hotel with his partner Mel, insisted his own system was enough and that they didn't need to install the extra floorwaste that Keith had told him to add.
And so, Scotty was forced to step in along with co-host Shelley Craft – and he was not happy about it.
"What's this I hear about you deciding to make your own rules up? We follow best practice on The Block" Scotty said to Jesse.
A stubborn Jesse (pictured with Mel) refused to abide by The Block's rules and was soon embroiled in an explosive argument with Scott Cam. Image: Channel Nine
But Jesse refused to back down, slamming The Block's rules as "over-the-top", which really riled up Scotty.
"Stop arguing. Just put a floorwaste in. It's not your rules, it's my rules. And Keith and Dan's rules," an incensed Scotty raged.
"And if you're told to put a floorwaste in, separate to your drainage system, then put it in! Don't stand up and say I'm not doing it!"
Scott Cam (pictured with Shelley Craft) lost it at contestant Jesse. Image: Channel Nine
Continuing on his rant, Scotty added: "Let's not try and take over. Play the game and pull your head in!"
Eventually, Jesse and Mel relented and agreed to adhere to Scotty and Keith's rules.
Unfortunately for Jesse though, it wasn't the end of the matter.
When he began to rip up the bathroom floor to install the floorwaste, he forgot to check whether they had the safety measures in place to stop debris injuring anyone on the floor below.
Foremen Dan and Keith didn't waste a minute getting involved again and forced Jesse to re-do his occupational health and safety induction - costing valuable time.
WATCH: Scott Cam introduces The Block's Oslo Hotel. Story continues after video...
Earlier this week, Keith told TV WEEK that Jesse wasn't doing himself any favours by challenging the professionals on-set.
"He was on a mission to annoy me," Keith explained.
"Auctioneers are always cocky and confident, and probably not the kind of people I like, to be honest. But Jesse was impossible. I've never had any other contestant be on a mission like he was."
And with the pressure set to mount in the coming weeks as the competition heats up, somehow we don't think this will be the last time Jesse ruffles feathers in the construction zone…

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