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Inside the colourful history of The Block’s Oslo Hotel

The property is the site of the most ambitious transformation The Block has ever seen.

The Block returned to TV screens for another season on Sunday night and teams were faced with the arduous task of transforming the rundown Oslo Hotel in Melbourne's St Kilda.
But while the new teams give it their all in their ambitious attempts to renovate the Oslo, we take a look back at the colourful history of the property.
Channel Nine bought the property last year for $10.8 million in an off-market sale after the death of the previous owner.
The 1353-square metre block had most recently been the site of a cheap backpackers, with low-budget accommodation starting from just $18 a night.
Last year, teams transformed The Gatwick Hotel, which had an even more sordid history, as the site of murders and violence and The Oslo is situated just around the corner from that property.
But long before The Oslo's decline, was one of the grandest properties in a prestigious location in Melbourne after it was built in 1859.
The Oslo had a colourful history before being the site of The Block's latest renovation. Image: Channel Nine
Before its decline, it was once home to some of Melbourne's most notable people. Image: Channel Nine

Then known as Westbourne Terrace, the place was home to some of Melbourne's most influential people including Mars Buckley, the owner of prestigious Melbourne department store Buckley and Nunn as well as Ebenezer Syme, the original owner of The Age newspaper.
The region soon fell into rapid decline however, with the surrounding area becoming known as the city's red light district.
This year, the teams face the mammoth challenge of overhauling the biggest ever spaces ever on The Block.
And even host Scott Cam is worried about whether the teams are up to the challenge.
"At the start I looked at this and thought that's impossible," Scott told NineHoney.
"Here we have double the size of what we did last year, and more than six times the size of the original Block in Bondi back in 2003. That's a big ask."
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