The Bachelorette Australia

Does this photo prove who wins The Bachelorette Australia 2019?

We are 100% convinced.

By Tina Burke
When it comes to detecting a winner before a Bachie finale, the hidden clues and conspiracy theories are endless for fans.
What colour outfit is someone wearing? What did they say in a recent interview? Who are they following on Instagram?
Though we could all wait, and be surprised, by who our Bachelorette Angie Kent picks in Thursday night's finale, part of the fun of being a Bach Fan is speculating and having fiery chats with your friends about who will win.
One conspiracy theory looks at the order in which the final three contestants stand in the show's official promo photos for finale week.
On The Bachelor, the winner is often placed in the centre of the image. But on The Bachelorette, perhaps in a bid to throw us off, the winner is often standing on the right of their co-stars (or 'standing on the left,' to us mere mortals looking at the photo.)
Before we check out this year's line-up, let's take a stroll down memory lane to see how strong this theory is...


Before she was living it up in Summer Bay as an actress on Home and Away, Sam Frost was our first-ever Bachelorette. And, oh, how fans adored her.
Sam ended up choosing Sasha Mielczarek, pictured here in the finale promo on the left of Richie Strahan (third place) and Michael Turnbull (second place).
Sasha was crowned the winner of Sam Frost's season. Image: Facebook/The Bachelorette


Love by name and nature, Georgia set out in search of her soulmate and wound up with the ridiculously charming (and good looking) Lee Elliott. The pair recently got engaged, much to the delight of Bachie fans.
Though Lee was in the centre of the group at the rose ceremony - hey, not every theory is flawless - he was shown on the left in the official promo, like every other winner. Here he is standing alongside Jake Ellis, who came in third, and runner-up Matty J.
Channel 10 were trying to tell us something here... Image: Instagram/The Bachelorette


Remember the good old days of pot plants and millionaire intruders?
Sophie Monk's season of The Bachelorette saw the blonde beauty choose Stu Laundy in an emotional finale. Jarrod Woodgate came in second, followed by Apollo Jackson in third place.
Once again, the photo orders the boys from first place, to third place, to second place.
To no one's surprise, Stu was declared the winner. Image: Instagram/The Bachelorette


Oh, what's this? Just yet ANOTHER photo of the show's winner standing on the left.
Sweetie-pie Taite Radley won Ali Oetjen's heart in 2018, though this ultimately left runner-up Todd King, pictured below in the middle, in pieces. Bill Goldsmith, right, dusted himself off and returned to the Bachelor franchise on Bachelor In Paradise earlier this year.
Taite, Todd and Bill. Image: Instagram/The Bachelorette


Here we are, at last.
On Thursday night Angie will declare her love for Carlin Sterritt, Timm Hanly or Ryan Anderson, and she's already confirmed to TV WEEK that she's happy and in love with her chosen man. But who will it be?
If the above tried and tested conspiracy theory is anything to go by, our winner will be standing on the left. Now let's take a peek and see which star has been granted that position...
Hello there, Carlin. Image: Instagram/The Bachelorette
No surprises here! Carlin, the handsome and 2% funny (according to Angie's best friend, Yvie) man looks to be in prime position in Channel 10's promo photo ahead of finale week.
How. Very. Interesting.
We'll have to wait and see if the conspiracy theory turns out to be true for the fifth time, when The Bachelorette Australia finale week kicks off on Wednesday, 7:30pm, on 10.

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