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EXCLUSIVE: The Bachelorette Australia's Ali Oetjen and Taite Radley hit back at critics

“I really don’t care at all because I’m so happy!”

By Tina Burke
Ali Oetjen chose to "take a risk" on the charming Taite Radley in last night's Bachelorette Australia finale, and according to the star the risk has more than paid off.
"It was very emotional watching the episode," Ali tells TV WEEK. "I can't even describe to you how excited I am now to take the next step. It feels awesome."
"I'm so happy, I found the love of my life," adds Taite.
Ali and Taite in The Bachelorette Australia finale.
The 'risk' lay in the fact that, in the eleventh hour, Taite told Ali he was holding back on saying 'I love you' because he was worried about living up to her timeline for marriage and kids.
"I knew [I loved her] on our last single date before going to Darwin," Taite tells. "But I knew I had all these feelings for Ali, and I wasn't sure what was holding me back, and then it just came to me that the only thing holding me back was that I wanted to say 'I love you' but I felt like I was saying more than that."
Of course, Ali was shocked at first.
"I think it took me like an hour to actually comprehend," Ali reveals. "But he was being so honest with me, he was putting everything on the line, I was like this is the guy I can trust.
"Plus I know he does want kids, and marriage, one day. And relationships are all about compromise."
Fans on social media were quick to share negative comments about Ali's decision to choose Taite over runner-up Todd King.
The smitten couple actually weren't aware that they're facing critics on social media. But, they also don't care.
"I hadn't actually seen any of it [laughs]. But I really don't care at all because I'm so happy," says Ali.
"I've got my Mr. Right and those people that are talking and having their opinions are not me, they're not Taite, and they weren't in the situation. So, it doesn't really bother me!
"We're both very genuine people that are in this relationship and we're taking it step by step. It's a real relationship," she says.
"And I think it would have happened either way," adds Taite. "If it had been Todd who won, there would have been people upset it wasn't me.
"I'm not overthinking it," Taite says of the pressure. "All you can be is true to yourself."
The loved-up couple "don't care" about negative comments.
The happy pair are excited to step out in to the world as a normal, everyday couple after months of hiding in secret and using code-names (according to Taite, Ali was saved in his phone as "Alan").
"We did secret rendezvous, face-time, messaging. It was tough, but it was all worth it," says Taite.
The next step for the couple will be relocating to the same city, but whether that means Taite moving from Melbourne to be with Ali in her hometown of Adelaide, they're not yet sure.
"Adelaide is definitely an option," reveals Taite. "I'm willing to move to Adelaide, or wherever Ali wants to be."
"Yeah we're making that decision together, and that will happen quite soon I think," says Ali. "I can't wait to come home to him every day."
Ali and Taite are excited to be back together after months of secrecy.
Congratulations once again to Ali and her Mr. Right, Taite!

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