The Bachelorette Australia

The Bachelorette Australia fans fall in love with frontrunner Taite Radley

Ali is falling head over heels for Taite... and so is the rest of Australia!

By Tina Burke
The Bachelorette Australia fans have a new front-runner in the dashing Taite Radley.
After having his initial date taken away by wild-rose holder Bill Goldsmith, Taite finally scored his first one-on-one date with Ali Oetjen in tonight's swoon-worthy episode, and it's safe to say the sparks were flying.
The pair met up in the middle of the forest like it was some kind of Hunger Games inspired date, where they took part in a scavenger hunt courtesy of host Osher Günsberg.
From the moment Taite literally skipped over to swoop up his date into a dramatic cuddle, it was clear he and Ali were in for a magical day that would make the rest of us feel mighty single and alone.
Taite and Ali shared a passionate kiss early-on in the date, after finding an enchanting little snow globe in the woods (a real thing that happened, and not just a fun feature in a Disney movie).
Taite stares lovingly at Ali moments before their first kiss.
Their romance continued to blossom later in the evening, when they spent time chatting about how adorable they both are and kissing by the light of the fire. All the while, that classic Bachelorette "winner's music" was playing in the background.
"I want you to know that honestly I'm here for you, and getting to know you more I feel like a school kid again," Taite told Ali. "Like having a crush on a girl [in school], because that's what it feels like now. I have the biggest crush on you!"
Meanwhile, Ali all but professed her love for Taite.
"I'm really sensing a closeness between us already," Ali told the camera. "I haven't felt more like myself on any date yet, it's just hitting me like a tonne of bricks.
"I feel like, with Taite, time just stops and I can look in to his eyes and just get lost forever. It's just the most amazing feeling, and I think that's what love is!"
Ali and Taite certainly make an adorable pair!
Let's just call the whole thing off, and start planning Taite and Ali's wedding - because their date was electrifying. And we weren't the only ones who thought so!
Fans took to Twitter to share their adoration for the show's new front-runner...

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