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Inside The Bachelorette Angie Kent's finale week heartache

“I was a wreck!”

By Maddison Hockey
Dating can be an emotional whirlwind at the best of times. Try dating 20 men at once, on national television, and it's almost unfathomable.
While five seasons of The Bachelorette Australia has viewers accustomed to the idea, the Bachelorette herself, Angie Kent, wants fans to keep in mind that it's no walk through the rose garden.
"I really had to put my heart on the line to make connections," Angie, 29, tells TV WEEK.
Coming into finale week, Angie has three suitors vying for her heart: Carlin, Timm and Ryan.
Over the past few weeks, she's made strong connections and built relationships with each but, the time has come to choose just one.
"I was an absolute wreck in the final week," she recalls of filming, "I was feeling very overwhelmed, both with happiness and confusion."
Angie, with host Osher, on The Bachelorette. (Image: Network Ten)
Angie struggled most with the idea of breaking up with not one, but two people she cared for, while also progressing her relationship with a third Bachelor.
In a teaser for Wednesday night's episode, Angie walks out of the rose ceremony for a 'break' and later tells producers it "wasn't the right decision" to send the suitor home.
"I feel like people forget the fact you're breaking up with someone," Angie says.
"You have to mourn that person before you can continue to date [in normal circumstances], but [on the show] you have to let that go and keep dating. I could never wrap my head around that."
For that reason, the reality star says her final week was one of the hardest obstacles she's ever faced, more so than the South African jungle during her time on reality show I'm A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!
"I don't think I've ever cried so much – happy tears, sad tears, there was so much emotion," she says.
Angie struggled with her emotions on the series. (Image: Network Ten)
Her final suitors, Carlin, Timm and Ryan couldn't be more different from one another, which only made her decision all the more difficult.
"You couldn't get three more different guys if you tried," she says, before adding with a laugh, "I told you I didn't have a type."
Going into the final week, Angie reveals she still didn't know who held her heart.
"To honest, I was completely and utterly torn – Natalie Imbruglia-style. I wanted to moosh them all together and have them as one person."
Unfortunately for the former Gogglebox Australia star, that wasn't an option. Instead, Angie had to consider who would fit best into her life outside of the reality show bubble.
"What about when I'm just Angie and not the Bachelorette – are they going to love me and want to be with me? I thought about that a lot," she admits.
Will Angie choose Carlin, Timm or Ryan? (Image: Network Ten)
And it's clear a glowing Angie is "extremely happy" with the man holding her final rose.
"It was a tough decision," she says. "But in the end, I made the right one, and then I saw how easy it was."

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