The Bachelorette Australia

Fans call for Angie Kent's runner-up Timm Hanly to be The Bachelor 2020

Channel 10, you know what to do!

By Tina Burke
In heartbreaking scenes on The Bachelorette Australia tonight, Angie Kent broke up with literal sunflower Timm Hanly. Instead of choosing the goofy star in the finale, Angie found her match in Carlin Sterritt.
Despite having called Timm her 'soulmate' ahead of the finale, and saying she was "most drawn to him" of all the contestants, Angie chose Carlin. It was a decision that broke Timm - and the nation's - hearts all at once.
"We have had the best time together," Timm told Angie. "It's just the situation we're in and I'm just so happy that I've met you and I've cherished every moment with you."
Speaking to the cameras, Timm revealed he knew it was all over when he saw Angie in the Byron Bay forest where they filmed the finale.
"She said [I was her] soulmate, but I could just see it in her eyes," he said. "I knew straight away when I looked at her."
Of his heartbreak, Timm devastatingly declared he was "never talking about my feelings again."
"That's the reason I had my walls up. I didn't want to go all in, for that exact reason," he said. "I knew straight away when I looked at her. Right now, this feeling is why I didn't want to go all in."
Timm was left heartbroken by Angie in the finale. Image: Network 10
Gutted viewers watching along at home appeared to be in shock, having been sure in their predictions that Angie would choose Timm.
After all, his love of sunflowers was a "clear sign" from her beloved Nanny Fae, and in the show's second last episode Angie said she was "most drawn" to him.
It didn't take long for fans to demand justice for Timm, throwing out a request to 10 to make him The Bachelor in 2020.
Channel 10, you know what to do.

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