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Why Carlin didn't tell Angie about his acting career on The Bachelorette

“I tried to be myself and as genuine as possible”

By TV Week team
Carlin's motives for going on The Bachelorette Australia have been called into question since he first arrived at the mansion.
But while the 30-year-old's career as a model and actor hasn't helped his case, he swears his intentions are genuine.
"I didn't want to talk about acting and modelling, because I never wanted Angie to question my sincerity," Carlin tells TV WEEK. "I tried to be myself and as genuine as possible."
Fame is far from Carlin's mind as he enters finale week alongside Timm and Ryan.
"I was the most nervous I'd ever been," he recalls. "I'd had my ups and downs, but this took the cake."
If this week doesn't end how Carlin would hope – with the final rose from Angie – he says you won't be seeing him make a return to TV as the Bachelor on The Bachelor Australia.
"Knowing how much I invested in the experience and how difficult it was just trying to build a connection with one girl, I don't think I could date multiple women [at once]," he says.
Carlin says he could never be The Bachelor. Image: 10
Despite having a complicated relationship with Carlin so close to the finale, Angie admits she was smitten by the star.
"I couldn't stop smiling," Angie says, revealing she had an "instant attraction" to him.
"His eyes looked straight into my heart. I always felt shy and nervous, like I had a massive crush.
"I was always so affectionate with him, which isn't like me."
Angie had a "massive crush" on Carlin. Image: 10
On Wednesday night, Angie will send yet another Bachelor home. Though, so close to the end, the choice wasn't easy for her to make.
"I was an absolute wreck in the final week," she recalls of filming, "I was feeling very overwhelmed, both with happiness and confusion."
Though we'll have to wait and see who Angie picks, the star has confirmed one thing: She's happy, and in love, with her winner.
"It was a tough decision," she says. "But in the end, I made the right one, and then I saw how easy it was."
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The Bachelorette Australia airs Wednesday and Thursday, 7:30pm, on Channel 10.

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