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BACHELOR EXCLUSIVE: The pictures that show the moment Chelsie's been waiting for

Has Matt proposed to the blonde scientist?

In recent weeks, blonde beauty Chelsie McLeod has been plagued with doubt about her feelings towards Bachelor Matt Agnew.
But now Woman's Day can reveal things between Matt and the chemical engineer are getting steamy.
The hunky astrophysicist and chemical engineer clearly share a lot of...chemistry. (Images: Matrix)
They couldn't wipe the smiles off their faces! (Images: Matrix)
Our exclusive photos show Chelsie, 28, and the astrophysicist on a romantic date – with one onlooker revealing they thought 32-year-old Matt had popped the question!
"She was ecstatic!" says an onlooker. "I saw them chatting and then all of a sudden he said something, picked her up and swung her around. They were both so happy!"
A proposal certainly wouldn't come as a shock to fans. Matt previously revealed to Woman's Day that marriage was on his mind. "I'm definitely ready for that next phase of my life," he insisted.
"She was ecstatic!" an onlooker revealed. (Images: Matrix)
Now that's a reaction! The couple shared a passionate kiss when they visited Chelsie's hometown. (Images: Matrix)

Abbie's shock sex confession

The girls in The Bachelor mansion have made no secret about the fact that they feel 23-year-old property analyst Abbie Chatfield is hiding her true self from Matt.
And while Abbie's strategy might be to tell the suitor everything he wants to hear, Woman's Day understands that behind the scenes the polarising frontrunner found herself the centre of some raunchy controversy.
The property analyst likes an "open" approach to relationships. (Image: Instagram @abbiechatfield)
It's understood some mansion banter led to the brunette beauty confessing she is fond of open relationships, according to our on-set spy.
"Abbie frequently said she was into them," reveals the source. "She told the girls she'd definitely consider being in one," the source adds.
After failing to convince her fellow Bachelorettes of the appeal of open relationships, Abbie is said to have attempted to downplay the shock admission, in case word got back to Matt.
"The minute the girls disagreed with her, she changed her tune!" says the insider, who claims there's a lot to be desired when it comes to Abbie's genuineness.
WATCH: Elly tells Matt that Abbie is not emotionally mature enough for him. Post continues after video...

Angie's ultimatum: 'I want Yvie on the show!'

Incoming Bachelorette Angie Kent is said to be causing quite the headache for Ten.
The 29-year-old repeat reality star is desperate to have her best friend and former Gogglebox co-star Yvie Jones, 46, on the show in any way she can, according to a Woman's Day source.
Yvie stars as Angie's fairy godmother in the promo for The Bachelorette. (Image: Network Ten)
"She felt awful getting the gig when her mate was still single," says the insider, who details how Angie was upset when her idea to have the friends star as double Bachelorettes was rejected.
"She then suggested Yvie sit in on the weekly rose ceremony's in a Gogglebox-style commentary package, but was again knocked back."
According to the insider, Angie's need to be alongside Yvie came about because she was "worried" the public wouldn't like her as much without Yvie as "they have always come together".
With her good friend Yvie on Gogglebox. (Image: Instagram @angiekent_)

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