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Is this the most explosive moment on The Bachelor ever?

''There were some 'flowery' words used...''

By Anita Lyons
Wednesday night's episode of The Bachelor was certainly one for the books.
And for those watching, it was the type of train wreck that you literally couldn't look away from.
Of course, there was the highly anticipated walkout by Bachie Matt Agnew, some very "flowery" language and a serious investigation into who-said-what.
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During a steamy date between Matt and 23-year-old Abbie Chatfield, the property analyst dropped a HUGE bombshell which would steer the course of the whole episode.
In the intimate conversation, Abbie revealed that "some girls had been saying things" about Matt that were "making her a bit upset".
And by "some girls", she meant just Monique Morley.
"Monique in particular was saying some things about you that I just didn't...I just didn't... OK, there was a phrase that was said that I wanted to tell you, but I don't want to upset you," Abbie told him.
"So, she said that you were a dog c--t and a disrespectful pig." Oh. my. God.
BRUTAL. (Source: Network Ten)
Naturally, Matt was pretty devo about the entire exchange.
"That's disappointing to hear how some people have reacted," he told Abbie, and then to the producers. "It really hurts that it came from Monique because of how I feel about her and how amazing our date was. Ummm, yeh it hurts."
And like a wounded puppy dog, he looked like this:
Wounded. puppy. (Source: Network Ten)
And the drama certainly didn't end there.
Later, Matt decided to confront Monique about the exchange, telling her that he heard she used some "fairly flowery language to describe" him.
"Flowery?" Monique said shocked, by firstly the accusation and then repeating herself because surely, a 32-year-old man in 2019 did not just use the term "flowery".
"Woah no," Monique said, defending herself. "I would never, ever say that!"
WATCH NEXT: The Bachelor's Matt confronts Monique about the rumours. Story continues...
From here, Matt dons his best inspector persona and begins to try and figure out what is really going on by asking all of the girls - and guys, not one person has the same story.
Here's everything we know:
  • It happened by the swimming pool
  • Rachael and Monique were apparently "joking"
  • Someone definitely used those exact words and Rachael thinks it was Monique
  • Nichole reckons she "stood up for Matt" but doesn't remember what was said ¯_(ツ)_/¯
  • Some of the girls think it was for real
  • Someone (most likely everyone) is lying
"It all sounds like bulls--t to me," Matt says annoyed. We think so too, but we can't get enough of it.
"Ooops, look what I caused..." (Source: Network Ten)
While we may never know what actually happened, we do have one question.
With all of those cameras and producers around, where's the footage?
Until tomorrow...

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