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EXCLUSIVE: The Bachelor's Sogand BLASTS Abbie: "You're a fake!"

The gloves are off!

By NW team
Abbie Chatfield has been ruffling the other Bachie babes' feathers since the get-go – and this week, Sogand Mohtat finally calls her out for her behaviour in what's been billed as the biggest cat fight ever!
In a candid chat with NW, Sogand explains she felt it was time someone exposed "the real Abbie".
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"She's the fakest person I've ever met!," the 30-year-old Persian beauty tells us.
"She changes personalities on and off camera. She's very good at manipulating and hiding her real emotions – happy, sad, cry... It's mind-blowing!"
The civil engineer also claims that Abbie, 23, constantly mocked Matt in the front of the other girls when the cameras weren't rolling and admitted to the group that she wasn't interested in him one bit.
Sogand versus Abbie! (Source: Network Ten)
If Matt had any idea of what was happening behind the scenes, Sogand reckons he'd have shown Abbie the door quicker than you can say, well, "dog c--t".
"If Matt heard what comes out of her mouth, he wouldn't keep her here for another day!" snips Sogand.
Still, despite the allegations against her, Abbie insists to NW that, "I'm only here for Matt and I'm definitely not here to make friends. I'll do the craziest, most extreme things possible to find love."
Sounds like it's a case of she said, er, she said...
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On Wednesday's episode, things were cranked up a notch when Abbie appeared to bully her fellow contestants and declare herself to be the most passionate, fun and honest lady in the house. And after the dog c--- saga of last week, it's safe to say she didn't make too many friends.
"These girls have no chance against me," she told the camera ahead of the challenge. "I'm going to have all the qualities that Matt wants to date and impress him the most, obviously."

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