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EXCLUSIVE: Eliminated contestant Brianna reveals Abbie's REAL motive for going on The Bachelor

''I don't think love was her sole intention...''

By Anita Lyons
Abbie Chatfield is by far one of the most controversial women to ever have stepped into The Bachelor universe.
And on Wednesday night's episode, she managed to rub everyone (excluding Matt Agnew) the wrong way during a group challenge.
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Things were certainly cranked up a notch when Abbie appeared to bully her fellow contestants and declare herself to be the most passionate, fun and honest lady in the house.
Then there was the dog c--- saga last week, when Abbie unceremoniously got Monique Morley kicked out of the mansion...
"These girls have no chance against me," she told the camera ahead of Wednesday's challenge.
"I'm going to have all the qualities that Matt wants to date and impress him the most, obviously."
It's safe to say, Abbie hasn't been portrayed as the most trustworthy, so obviously we have A LOT of questions... and the biggest one of all? What is Abbie's ACTUAL motivation?
"I'm definitely the most when it comes to everything!" (Source: Network Ten)
During a chat with the latest evictee from the mansion, Brianna Ferrante, she revealed to Now to Love a few home truths about the 24-year-old property analyst.
"What you see is what you get," Bri said when the subject of Abbie came up. "That's pretty much what she's like."
"I personally think she may not have [genuinely being looking for love] but I think once she'd been on a date, she did genuinely liked him [Matt] and wanted to be with him."
"I don't think she 100 percent went in... well, obviously she'd like to find love... but I don't think that was her sole intention."
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Brianna also revealed that the editing of all of the girls has been pretty much en pointe this year, with her saying that "the way people are being portrayed and the way they were, it's just a little heightened and exaggerated a bit more, but it was what they were like."
With Abbie, Bri did admit that there were moments, she wasn't "as full on" during their down time.
"I don't know if that's a good or bad thing," she said. "I'm not saying she's putting on anything, but I think she just has a very strong personality and other people who have strong personalities, don't really click with her," she said. Ahem, Sogand...
Brianna was eliminated in Wednesday's rose ceremony. (Source: Network Ten)
So, who does Brianna think will win Matt's affections?
"I think it's between Elly and Chelsie," the clerical officer said.
"Well, I think - not that everyone's not lovely - but I think they just tick all of the boxes and I think I always thought that when I was on the show, and now watching it back, watching Matt's reactions and what he says, it just gives me a bit of an inkling."

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