EXCLUSIVE: Survivor's David Genat reveals how he really feels about being a villain

The supermodel dishes on the rough and tumble the show brings.

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When he went into the Fijian jungle, supermodel David Genat had a game plan – to win at all costs, and to gain screen time as Survivor's 'best ever loveable villain'.
So far, we can safely say he's mission accomplished!
The ridiculously good-looking contestant stopped by OK!'s office last week and dished on his strategy.
"There's no point being there if you're not in it to win it," the 39-year-old admits.
"But I was definitely trying to play a villain because those guys are so much more fun to watch. The true fans are loving my game play! It's all those filthy casual viewers who want to get rid of me!'"
David enjoys playing the villain! (Network Ten)
Despite his mission to take out the winner's crown, David says working with rival and fan fave Luke Toki has been a highlight of his time on the show so far.
"We hit it off straight off the bat," says David.
"He's such a big game player, which I totally admire, and he's up for doing fun stuff and hijinks, which I am, too.
"We had so much fun smack talking other people at night! Nova Peris and Steven Bradbury copped it from us, not going to lie! The fact that he's a returning player and I could use him for information was good, too!"
If it's not himself or Luke who wins Survivor, David says he thinks Janine Allis and Pia Miranda have played hard – and his nemesis Shaun Hampson has been impressive as well.
"Shaun is like a cult leader," says David.
"Those contenders just flock to him."
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And as for that popcorn scene, David insists he really was emotional when watching his wife Pearl and daughter Rei's message.
"I saw it in full afterwards and my tears were real," he says.
"But a villain's got to do what he's got to do!"

Luke opens up on THAT bromance

Their on-screen bromance has lead to a close friendship off-screen – but that doesn't mean Luke isn't doing all he can to beat David and the other contenders, and take out Survivor's $500,000 prize money for his family.
OK: Are your kids watching you on the show this year?
Luke: My daughter Madi is too little, but the boys (Lennox and Nate) are watching me – a bit. 'I'm like, "Hey, this is where Dad's trying to win the money for you!"' So the least they could do is focus!
OK: You were a fan fave in the 2017 season of Survivor. Which season was harder?
Luke: This one because it was really bad timing. My daughter was only six weeks old when I left to film. There were a few tears from me.
OK: Why do you and David get on?
Luke: While everyone sat around the fire singing Kumbaya My Lord, we'd talk strategy for hours. And trash talk the others, too!
Luke and David share the ultimate on-screen bromance! (Network Ten)

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