Married At First Sight

Married At First Sight: The explosive texts that show the real side of Nic

Cyrell says Nic wasn't after love, only fame.

They finally called it quits after a very tumultuous marriage, and now Cyrell has revealed the truth about her ex-husband Nic – and it's not pretty!
Speaking to Woman's Day, the health fund consultant, 29, says 27-year-old Nic was purely on the show for fame, and was more concerned with how he looked to the public than trying to establish a real relationship with her.
"He kept saying, 'Why aren't we being papped, Cyrell?', 'What do you think happens when you get more Instagram followers?', 'Are we boring – is that why we're not getting filmed today?' " Cyrell dishes.
"I basically met a guy who used me for fame."
Cyrell says Nic only appeared on MAFS for a shot at fame. (Image: Supplied)
Seemingly proving Nic's true motive for appearing on the show, Woman's Day has obtained a series of explosive texts that show how calculated he was when the cameras were on him – and how concerned he was about how he would be portrayed after editing.
"I hope they play it [Jess asking him to partner swap] to show her [Jess] being desperate… and me a million bucks for barring her," Nic wrote to fellow groom Mike.
In a chat with fellow groom Mike, Nic revealed he was concerned about he would be portrayed after editing. (Image: Supplied)
The incident in question seemed to be the breaking point for Cyrell, but in another text, Nic tries to convince her to stay on the show purely so they can get more airtime.
And while it appeared Jess' proposition to Nic to partner swap was out of the blue, it turns out they'd been flirting for some time already. And Nic was the one who initiated it all!
Although Nic denies he cheated, Woman's Day has been told he and blonde bombshell Jess even shared a steamy moment in an elevator, where he passionately kissed her and told her he was physically aroused by her.
WATCH: Jess propositions Nic on Married At First Sight. Post continues...
But Nic's sleazy behaviour doesn't stop there.
Woman's Day has also learned that, early on, he also hit up Ines for a partner swap!
Nic was also heard bragging to a number of the guys, "We're going to be drowning in p---y after this."
"My nude pics will be like collectors cards," Nic wrote to Cyrell. (Image: Supplied)
Meanwhile, after Cyrell revealed to Woman's Day she had been sent a number of sex tapes and images of Nic, he said he's regretful about his actions, however his texts say otherwise.
"My nude pics will be like collectors cards," he boasted to Cyrell. "It'll be like, I'll trade you my shower nude for your bedroom selfie cos I got doubles."

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