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REVEALED: Never-seen-before sexy pics of MAFS stars that will get pulses racing

We're feeling a little flushed!

By NW team
There's no doubt that this season's Married at First Sight stars love them some attention, and now new photos of some of the cast have surfaced and they're as racy as ever!
NW rips open the sexiest sealed section yet - and blows the lid off some of your MAFS stars, secret saucy pasts!
From Dino and Bronson's shared stripping history, to Mick's partying antics - the photos have to be seen to be believed.
And who knew Ning could rock a bangin' piece of lingerie like nobody's business!
Behold, this years MAFS cast, baring all!
SIZZLING SEALED SECTION! MAFS stars exposed. In this week's NW on sale at supermarkets and newsagents now!


It's clear Bronson Norrish is very comfortable in his birthday suit!
Before walking down the aisle, the reality star had plenty of experience with brides – that is, getting his gear off for them at wild bachelorette bashes!
While his MAFS wifey Ines Basic dubbed him "bottom of the barrel" for the racy career, buff Bronson claims "it was an amazing job".
Dino always said his stripping job was "amazing"! (Source: Supplied)
Well, well, well... (Source: Instagram)
And one of his hens, Lisa, has revealed to NW he was a natural!
"He pulled down my jeans and walloped my bum with his big strap," she recalls.
"It was a little bit unexpected and actually hurt a bit. "It was delightful actually." And Bronson's "entertaining" past would have pleased his late mum too. "It was her wish – or one of her last wishes – that I either become a singer or a stripper," he has said. Wonder if she'd approve of Ines?


He claims to be all about the spiritual, but it seems Dino Hira may actually also be into the physical!
Yep, the reality star's former lover is spilling about what went on in Dino's bedroom – and it turns out he's quite the wild one.
"He is a big explorer," the ex tells NW.
"Very attentive, willing to try new things and the sessions we had were passionate."
Dino is open to new ideas - in the bed - says his ex. (Source: Supplied)
Dino's MySpace profile was, uh, interesting... (Source: Supplied)
His ex adds that Dino was a very, ahem, giving guy.
"He wanted to make sure that I would orgasm," she spills. "He connected my mind, body and energy that allowed me to let out the loudest moans. He is not a jackhammer type but more of a skilled thruster."
Wow! Thanks for the visual. The mystery woman also reveals Dino had decked out his room for romance.
"His bed was made for sex!" she spills. "The atmosphere in his bedroom makes you want to explore all types of positions." And we don't think she's talking about sleeping positions!


It's been widely reported that Bruno and Dino have met before, in fact the pair have known each other for 12 years!
In fact, the pair met during their stripping days and we have the pics to prove it!
A Bronson and Dino sandwich? The pair perform at a hen's party! (Source: Supplied)
They're very "close" mates! (Source: Supplied)


"Going into the experiment, all I had was my self-worth and... my vagina!" Ning Surasiang tells NW.
Ooh, you're making us blush, babe! But the star's never been afraid to get saucy. Check out these sexy snaps she shared on social media! Despite being a bit of a sex kitten, Ning says there was no way she was giving it up to "husband" Mark Scrivens on their wedding night.
"Definitely not!" she says. "That was my big thing. That's all that I have, you know? I'm not just gonna give it to anyone ʼcos they'll just use and abuse it and see ya later."
No nonsense as usual then, Ning?
"All I had was my self-worth and... my vagina!" (Source: Instagram)
Sexy! (Source: Instagram)
Ooh, la la! Ning rocking some sexy lingerie. (Source: Instagram)


We love a laid back larrikin as much as the next person. And when it comes to old mate Mick Gould, we're on board with the ocker's slang, flannels, dirty work boots – hell, even the mo!
But we reckon wife Jessika Power should throw on her own Timberlands and tread with caution.
The Queensland tradie's no stranger to a wild night and these pics from his days as a free man don't exactly paint a picture of a guy leading a quiet life... Flashing his rear, getting his kit off, publicly groping breasts and sharing a bed with several women at once – it's all in a night's fun for this gregarious unit from Gympie.
Frankfurter, is that you? (Source: Supplied)

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