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EXCLUSIVE: Love Island's Margarita claims she has "no idea" how an influencer's bedroom ended up as her Instagram background

''I had absolutely no idea it was someone's bedroom, I thought it was just a white background!''

By Alex Lilly
The countdown is on until the Love Island Australia finale but before the winners are crowned, we had to say goodbye to one more couple.
Margarita Smith,26, and her partner Blake Williamson were voted out of the Villa after just a few days but the stunning brunette certainly made headlines, and not just for what happened on the show.
Indeed, the aged care worker was accused of Photoshopping herself into influencer Emma Spiliopoulos' bedroom but exclusively tells Now To Love that she has no idea how it happened as well as revealing why she doesn't regret anything she did or said on the show.
Now To Love: It was short but sweet for you in the Villa, how are you feeling now that you're out?
Margarita: Yeah it was really short and sweet but I feel great. I'm really glad I went on, it was a fantastic experience.
And are you going to keep in touch with Blake in the outside world?
Blake and I will remain friends. We never quite got to the point where we were thinking we were going to be a solid relationship but we definitely gave it a shot. That was the point of Love Island- to give something a shot that you wouldn't normally on the outside. He's a great guy but yeah, not romantically.
Just friends: Margarita says there's nothing romantic between herself and Blake. (Image: Nine Network)
Also, what exactly is so sexy about his underarms and knees?
I've always had a thing for underarms, I don't know if that's weird but I'm totally going to own that! Underarms are sexy, they're manly, I like them when they have hair and they have a natural kind of scent.
The knees thing was a little bit over-hyped, it was more his thighs I was complimenting. I just ran with the knees, I just went with it. He had sexy knees too so I'm not going to knock it.
Ok then... Margarita admitted she had a thing for Blake's underarms. (Image: Nine Network)
You mentioned that there were times in the Villa when you felt like you were being judged a lot, when were some moments that made you feel like that?
I felt a little bit judged by Adam when he called me fake and that he was more into a natural girl. I feel like people shouldn't really judge others by their exterior and more for what's on the inside. I understand we live in a world where people are judged for how they look but I've never really felt that heavily judged for my appearance.
Also Blake judged me in comparison to his exes saying that I had more of a sexual, fake-type look as well. The comparison of me as a person to someone that he's met prior was full on considering he'd only just met me.
Margarita says Adam and Blake judged her for her looks during her time on the show. (Image: Nine Network)
You and Blake had a very sexy moment under the covers. Do you reckon he overreacted about those "bottom-heavy" rumours?
I don't think he overreacted, everyone's entitled to feel how they feel with any sort of comment that's made about them or towards them. I think he acted with whatever felt natural to him, I'm not afraid to say exactly what I'm thinking or feeling and I am quite a cosy, cuddly, very affectionate person so I think that definitely showed and I'm really glad with every choice I made and everything I said.
Guys are praised for any sort of sexual comments and girls are definitely slammed and slut-shamed. I think that just as people we have to stay true to ourselves. If we're a more sexual person, then we have to own that and if we're a more private person, then that's totally fine as well. We just have to be true to ourselves and that's all I've been.
WATCH: Margarita and Blake get frisky in the Love Island Villa. Post continues after video...
You were also accused of Photoshopping yourself into influencer Emma Spiliopoulos' bedroom in a previous Instagram post? What's the story behind that?
That's actually just been brought to my attention, I have no idea how that's the background of my photo! I honestly couldn't give you an explanation, I'm sorry to the girl whose bedroom was in my photo because that is so awkward I'd be absolutely freaked out if that happened to me but yeah I have absolutely no idea how that's the background of my picture, it's so weird!
I think someone sort of helped me out and changed the background of the picture but I can't remember how it all went about. I had absolutely no idea it was someone's bedroom, I thought it was just a white background, I didn't look at it too closely and then when I was shown I was like 'Oh my god!' I can't even believe that's on my page, I was so embarrassed, that's so strange! That poor girl, I need to send her an apology.
"I have no idea how that's the background of my photo!" (Image: Instagram @em.spiliopoulos)
You've also been compared a lot to Married At First Sight's Tamara Joy, do you get that a lot?
I've been stopped at least 10 times by people asking me to take a picture with them asking me! I've taken a few pictures with people almost as jokes because they don't believe me and pretending to be her so that's pretty funny.
It's quite the compliment really, you're both good looking girls!
It is, she's stunning so I was like 'I'm going to take this all the way, take a picture, I'll be Tamara!'
We have to admit, Margarita and Tamara could be sisters! (Images: Nine Network/Instagram @tamara__joy)
There have been rumours that you changed your name from Margaret to Margarita, is that true?
Yeah it's my real name, it's Greek. No name change here!
We're into finale week now so who do you reckon will be this year's winners?
I think and hope it's going to be Anna and Josh. I'm going to say they're so genuinely in love, but I feel like they haven't put the title on it yet. But they are just crazy about each other, it's so beautiful, it's definitely what I'm looking for.
They are all over each other but in the cutest way. They're literally like an honest cute couple, it's not like they've just met- it's so genuine and everything between them is so authentic. I'm so happy for them, they're complete legends.
We'll just leave this here. (Image: Instagram @loveislandmemesau)
Anna and Josh may seem very smitten but do you think there's anyone there who's not there for the right reasons or may not be as genuine as they seem?
I think everyone's really genuine. I'm not entirely sure that Matt and Cartier will work in the outside world, I know they're giving it a shot to get past the friendship and if they do make it past that point then that's fantastic but I'm not really sure that they would work on the outside.
Both are super genuine people but being in that environment, it's all about trying to experience something different and trying to find love. I definitely think they shouldn't be knocked for giving that a red-hot crack and trying to find love because that's what we've all gone on there for.
Margarita isn't sure Cartier and Matt will work in the outside world. (Image: Nine Network)

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