Married At First Sight

Married At First Sight's Tamara leaves little to the imagination in ANOTHER racy pic on Instagram

#notnaked #cheekyselfie

By Anita Lyons
With Married at First Sight well and truly over, the five minutes of fame for this year's contestants is running out and fast.
While they may not be gracing our TV screens four nights a week, the cast are finding other ways to keep our attention - and this time, it's intruder bride Tamara Joy's turn to send everyone into a tizz.
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Taking to Instagram on Thursday, Tam left very little to the imagination AGAIN, wearing barely there bikini bottoms and, well, nothing else.
"Bikini ready everyday ☀️🌴," she captioned the post, referring to her incredible lifestyle in Bali.
Of course, her fans were very quick to praise her for her incredible physique and body confidence.
"If I looked like that I would be posting my ass off 😂😂 You're gorgeous Tamara 🔥 😊," one fan wrote.
"Do you not ever get body conscious? Do you not have flaws haha," another commented.
And then this: "Dan would be kicking himself right now! He left a butterfly to be with a moth!"
Leaving very little to the imagination! (Source: Instagram/Tamara__joy)
Back in May, the 29-year-old shared another very risque photo of herself wearing, well, precisely nothing.
"☀️😝🌴 #notnaked," she captioned the racy post, followed by a series of hashtags: "#bali #lovetheskinyourein #islandgirl #canggu #indonesia #islandgirl #seminyak #cheekyselfie #embraceyourbody #positivevibes #balivibes #poollife"
In case you skipped over the hashtags, Tamara's message was clear. Embrace your body and love the skin you're in.
Tamara Joy's Insta post has set tongues wagging. (Source: Instagram/Tamara__joy)
While she was trying to promote body positivity, many of her fans took to the comments section to post their thoughts on the controversial post.
"Stupid post," one fan wrote. "I'm not a prude but I thought you were smarter than that. Disappointed ☹️"
While another commented: "I don't think you need to go to that exstream to get attention you have natural but with have to do that [sic]."
Unfortunately, the backlash for the reality star did not end there.
"This isn't really about body confidence and loving the skin you're in though is it?" an Insta user wrote. "🙄Because you don't need to nude up to communicate this message.
"✊💦 It's another washed up D grade reality tv star post using sex and their looks to try & stay relevant. They're all doing it and it's really obvious. It's the same old battle rhythm, lose weight, get veneers, get a stylist and an agent and start spamming us with these bullshit, touchy feely, sponsored posts.
"All the while trying to get a radio gig and appearing on any trashy reality spin offs that'll take you. Desperation is a stinky cologne." OUCH!
Tamara responded positively to the comments on her photo. (Source: Instagram/Tamara__joy)
While these comments were absolutely BRUTAL - she was also applauded for her courage and for owning her incredible physique.
"If I had that body I'd be putting it out there all the time and so would the people criticising you. You look amazing," one person wrote.
"A beautiful photograph of a beautiful soul shining through. F- - the haters xxxx ♥️♥️♥️" another said.
"You are a beautiful young lady Tamara and doing your own thing which is great but I honestly would like to think that this type of photo stop here. I do respect you have the right but wanted to give my thoughts. You are so inspirational .🙂"
Tamara was monitoring her post and replied to some of the more positive remarks.
"Thank you for your opinion everyone one is entitled 😘," she wrote.
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Story continues after the post...
But it was a comment that came from her former cast mate, Nic Jovanovic that was, perhaps, a little concerning.
"First stage...porn to come..." he wrote, to which Tamara responded: "how's ya sex tape darlz 😂😂" Charming exchange, guys.
Then came some flirty back and forth.
"I'm not complaining haha [sic]" he said.
"Always wanted to be a porn star ⭐️ Hahahaha omg dead 💀" she wrote back.
"I'm no good for porn.. no money shot 😂" Nic then commented.
And then Tamara said: "hahaha 🤷🏽‍♀️ you do you doll 😉."
Is it getting hot in here or...
Nic's comment, was, umm... interesting. (Source: Instagram/Tamara__joy)
So was it just flirty banter or do we have a hot new MAFS couple alert?
Only time will tell...

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