Love Island

Love Island Australia’s Margarita Smith has been accused of photoshopping herself into an influencer’s bedroom

Well, this is awkward...

By Tina Burke
Another day, another reality TV contestant accused of Photoshopping their photos. Only, this time, the star has actually Photoshopped themselves in to a completely random location.
Recent Love Island Australia bomb Margarita Smith has been accused of Photoshopping herself in to the bedroom of influencer Emma Spiliopoulos.
Emma, who boasts more than 330,000 Instagram followers, is known for taking mirror selfies in her bedroom. In fact, her grid is just 99% mirror selfies.
As such, the room is instantly recognisable to her followers. It has a white and grey colour scheme, a slanted wall with shiplap, a white wooden partition and a boho chair swing. It looks like a Pinterest dream, essentially.
Emma snaps a mirror selfie in her room. Image: Instagram
And Margarita... snaps a selfie, then photoshops herself into Emma's room. Image: Instagram
It took Love Island fans all of a few minutes to recognise the room in one of the new star's pictures, especially considering the blurred lines around Margarita's hair and shoulder in the image.
Emma herself was shocked to see her own bedroom popping up on the Instagram feed of the Love Islander, after "stalking" the new contestant's grid.
"Stalking the new girl from Love Island and is it just me but why is one of her selfies Photoshopped into my room?" Emma writes on her Instagram story, with laughing emojis.
Emma found the funny side in the incident. Image: Instagram
Yikes. If it's not Jackson Garlick from The Bachelorette Photoshopping himself in with celebrities, it's Love Island contestants Photoshopping locations.
Margarita has also made waves on social media for her likeness to Married At First Sight 2019 contestant Tamara Joy.
Fans couldn't help but draw comparisons between the two brunettes, who practically look like twins.
"Margarita literally looks like Tamara from MAFS long lost twin!" one fan wrote.
"She looks 100% identical to Tamara that I'm almost convinced it's her under a fake name," added another.
Even we had to do a double take... Image: Nine/Instagram
Though she's yet to officially couple up with any of the boys, Margarita's already become one of the most-talked about contestants. And she's only been in one episode!
We can't wait to see what happens next in the villa…